Malala Enjoying A Game Of Foosball With Bill Gates And Juan Mata Is The Cutest Thing You'd See All Day

By Ather Ahmed | 27 Jan, 2018

It hasn’t even been a month since 2018 started and our main girl Malala has been in the limelight for a wide variety of reasons. What can we say, she has this magnetic effect that whatever she does ends up being in the headlines. Haters can hate all they want but that’s not gonna stop Malala from slaying it in whatever way she can.


Just a few days ago Malala extended her support for the betterment of menstrual hygiene in the developing world alongside Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna

Via Twitter

She was seen holding a sanitary pad as a sign of support for the cause much to the disappointment of the ghairat brigade.


Then she was in the news for donating a total of Rs 7 Crores to build a school for girls in Swat Valley


The school is being built in Swat valley, which is Malala’s home district. It is also an area where schools have been specifically targeted by the terrorists.


Then she teamed up with Apple CEO Tim Cook in a campaign to educate around 100,000 girls across the world



Speaking of tech CEOs, Malala also seems to be quite fond of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The two were spotted enjoying a game of foosball

Oh, and by the way, Manchester United Mid Fielder Juan Mata and Norwegian Prime Minister Erna  Solberg were also there. At the end of the match, all the participants involved shook hands and offered their respects to one another.

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