A 17-Year-Old Lahori Student's Charity Is Changing Lives By Building Houses For The Underprivileged

By Sahar Basit | 21 Nov, 2018

When we think about a house, we imagine all the basic necessities that come with it.However, the sad reality is that this basic description of a house is much more than what many of the people in rural Pakistan have.

Meet Pappu Shaukat. He and his family of 7 used to live in a poorly constructed house with faulty walls, a withering foundation, and no bathrooms. 

Source: Murad Ali Khan

Pappu Shaukat didn’t think the situation he was in was ever going to improve. Then, “Makaan,” an official government registered charity started by 17-year-old student Murad Ali Khan from Lahore, stepped in.

Talking about the idea behind “Makaan,” here’s what Murad shared:

“When I look around, I see a small society of people lucky enough to have large, comfortable homes with food on their tables each day. I also see a majority of individuals who have to go through life without a guaranteed source of income, with families of 7 or 8 all living in a room that can collapse at any moment. This simply isn’t fair, and this inequality is the motivation behind the Makaan initiative, and it can be overcome through a collective effort.”

“Makaan’s” mission statement is “to build houses into homes” and they basically refurbish and/or add basic necessities into the houses of people living in the Kamahan village. One of their first beneficiaries was Pappu Shaukat.

Team “Makaan” plastered Pappu Shaukat’s entire house…

Source: Murad Ali Khan

…added another floor…

Source: Murad Ali Khan

…a new bathroom with a flush…

Source Murad Ali Khan

…and a main door.

Source: Murad Ali Khan

The work that they do was run completely on donations and changed Pappu Shaukat’s life. He can now live with great pride in the house that he and his family can now call a home.

Talking about the same, here’s what Pappu Shaukat had to say:

“My house was barely standing and there was no toilet. Our house was just an open brick structure with no security or privacy. Now that it has been fixed, I am so happy and glad that these people have helped me and my family.”

Such initiatives are truly heartwarming and they help restore our faith in humanity. Kudos to Team Makaan and we hope the youth of Pakistan takes more initiatives like this one to make a safer, healthier Pakistan.

If you’re interested in donating to this amazing cause and helping the numerous other Pappu Shaukats waiting for their chance at a home then check out their Instagram page here or read more about them here! Also, let us know what you think about this initiative in the comments.


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