People Are Going Totally Crazy For Mahnoor Baloch's Vacation Pictures

By Sarmad Amer | 20 Jul, 2016

Mahnoor Baloch has found the secret to living eternally without ageing a single day. The lady is either a very stunning witch or she’s an ethereal angel who has descended on the world to show us how worthlessly ordinary we all are in front of her beauty.


Like, can you believe this lady debuted in her first TV show in 1993?


So, here’s why people are going crazy over Mahnoor Baloch all of a sudden

She went on a trip to Greece and blessed us all with a bunch of photographs of herself enjoying her summer sojourn.



Just look at how happy she is

Happier than mankind’s angel even.



What a lucky tree this is

It could just die in peace, now that it has been touched by the bewitching Ms. Baloch.



There’s this head turn that is turning many heads

iykwim 😉



Aren’t you jealous of this wall?



Pakistanis have reacted to these vacation pictures of the year.

You might even think that these pictures are bigger than Huma Mobin’s.


People have come up with crazy theories about the legendary agelessness of the 52 year old.



Crushes on her have crossed multiple generations


And there are some haters too


She is the envy of every girl


And the desire of every guy


Mahnoor Baloch is husn goals, for sure


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