Mahira Khan Might Have Just Revealed Who She’s Voting For In The Elections And It’s Quite A Surprise

By Arslan Athar | 3 Jul, 2018

We all Mahira Khan. She’s Pakistan’s superstar and favorite actor. She’s given us hit after hit, as well as gone to Bollywood and represented the country at the largest Film Festival; Cannes. Of course, if you’re a star of such stature, scandal and rumors are always following you, and such is the case with Mahira Khan.

In a recent interview with the BBC (Fifi Haroon was the interviewer) Mahira addressed all the headlines that she made in the past few months, so let’s get into it!

The actress talked at length about her role in activism and gave us a little political peek 

Fifi asked about the Khadija Siddiqui case and Mahira’s role in it. She revealed that the case is one that deeply affected her and one that she felt strongly that she needed to talk about and be part of. She said that she and Khadija has spoken on multiple occasion and often talk on Whatsapp

Source: The Nation

Mahira said that as entertainers, actors don’t need to be involved in activism, it does nothing to progress their careers, and it’s not like they’re asking for votes, however, she feels that society, in general, does not support and appreciate the entertainment industry for all what it does.

Fifi asked if Mahira would contest the 2018 elections or in fact, any future elections. Mahira vehemently said that she is not interested in politics, in that regard. However, she revealed that she has strong political views. In fact, the actor went as far as to tell us who she voted for in the 2013 elections.

Mahira is a strong supporter of the independent candidate, and activist, Jibran Nasir! 

Source: Dawn

This revelation definitely came as a surprise to us too, most people don’t vote and tell! However, it is refreshing to see Mahira be so open about her politics and beliefs. Of course, she didn’t reveal if her support extended to this year’s election, but this news is definitely a big hint!

Speaking of politics, the interview moved on to Hamza Ali Abbasi and the relationship the actors share

The discussion around Hamza Ali Abbasi basically centered around this tweet.

She revealed that she doesn’t really disagree with him, we should all be like Jemima Khan, however not at the cost of putting down others. (BTW she loves Jemima!)

Source: Daily Pakistan

She said that early on, she and Hamza realized that they have different views, however, she saw the nice person that lives inside him and chose to see him for that nice person, rather than see him for his views. Their relationship basically is founded on the philosophy that it’s best to agree to disagree.

This interview was LOADED with gems from Mahira’s life and works. From Hamza Ali Abbasi, to Fahad Mustafa and yes, even Fawad Khan! 


You can listen to the entire interview here.

What do you think about the interview? What new things did you learn about the superstar?

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