Mahira Khan Responds To The Criticism Of Leaving Pakistan Right Before The Elections

By Arslan Athar | 25 Jul, 2018

Today is the General Elections in Pakistan. This single day serves to define Pakistani democracy and the future of the country. This day is very important, however, if we look towards the Entertainment industry, we see that they’re not in the country to see this day unfold.

One of the first people to call out on this behaviour was Farhan Saeed 

The film fraternity, for the most part, was travelling West-word right before the elections. Why do you ask? Well, they’re all there for the HUM Awards, which have been scheduled for the 28th of July!

Farhan’s fan called shame while also patting his back for bringing this to light 

Samina Peerzada tweeted yesterday about how she will vote and then head to Toronto 

Her followers lauded her for doing so 

Many felt disappointed in the celebrities that left earlier 

Singer, Bilal Khan posted on Instagram about how he flew back to vote, and then after voting, he will fly back to Toronto for the awards show

Mahira Khan was among the stars who left before the elections. Due to this uproar on social media, the actor posted a patriotic photo and message on Instagram

She says in her post, ‘There was absolutely no way to delay my work commitment which was scheduled months in advance, I tried my best.’

Mahira Khan ends her post by urging people who are in Pakistan to get out and vote, ‘ I urge all of you to get out and vote!! May this year bring the change we all have been waiting to see. InshAllah. Pakistan Zindabad!!!’

No matter what the celebrities who are in Canada now say, the fact is that they operate in the public eye. Each action is seen and monitored. For many youngsters, they are role models. Their nonchalant attitude towards the elections isn’t just a personal choice, it is a choice that does imprint on others.

Despite whatever has happened, we must appreciate those in the entertainment industry who came out and voted today, actually, we must appreciate everyone who came out to vote!

May the best party win!

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