Mahira Khan Just Announced Her Own Party And WHOA, Could These Elections Get Any More Exciting?

By MangoBaaz Studio | 18 Jul, 2018

The elections are just around the corner and with that, comes a whole lotta madness – from the random dude who chose chamcha as his election symbol to the Deadpool character dancing to dila teer bija.

Yep, that happened.

While the elections season is are already super charged for Pakistanis, there’s one debate we can definitely take a side on: to vote or not vote for our queen MAHIRA

Source: Mahira Khan Official Facebook Page

Mahira has officially announced her own party in response to Ushna Shah’s S.L.O.W Party and we’re here for it 

Kyunkay waqt asal mein aagaya hai! ☕☕☕


Do we even need to JUSTIFY our choice?

Source: Mahira Khan Official Facebook Page

Can you imagine all the things Mahira’s party would stand for?


I mean, really???

Source: Mahira Khan Official Facebook Page


We’re not alone in all our fawning. Pakistanis have been going wild for the latest election twist:

First, the news was met with disbelief


Which pretty soon turned into “Mohr lagao”


We’ll go where there’s fresh coffee, thank you very much.


Aim high and then some.


This person is even ready to go all in:


And folks also criticized Ushna Shah’s “mandate” LOL


Love you Mahira. Forevermore.

Source: Mahira Khan Official Facebook Page

Would you vote for Mahira Khan’s party with the slogan, uthna kaafi nahi, jaagna toh pareyga? Chai just doesn’t do it for us anymore, does it? It’s time to mix things up.

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