Forget “7 Din,” Mahira Khan Is Bringing “Mohabbat In” With These 7 Looks

By Arslan Athar | 8 Jun, 2018

Not too long ago, Mahira Khan WOW-ed us with her looks at Cannes, well the leading lady is at it again. As her Eid film approaches, Mahira is on the road for promotions and ever since the whole process started, she’s made our jaw drops.

Every look has outdone the last.

Let’s go over them and get hopelessly lost in the world of Mahira Khan’s fashion sense:

She started things off casually. 

This is basically the perfect desi summer look.

Source: @7DinMohabbatIn // Instagram

Next, she brought on this modern twist on a sari.

Polka dots, traditional prints and a very modern cut- good going Mahira! (PS: is that the same door she posed with on the first day?)

Source: @7DinMohabbatIn // Instagram

We should just go ahead and crown her the Fashion Queen of Pakistan

Source: @7DinMohabbatIn // Instagram

Just when we thought her game couldn’t go higher, she pulled off this elegant outfit.

Personally, my favorite part of this day’s look is her necklace and earrings. They add a whole new level of class to this already perfect outfit.

Source: @7DinMohabbatIn // Instagram

She may have worn some gowns at Cannes, but nothing beats Mahira in the desi department 

Source: @7DinMohabbatIn // Instagram

I mean, need I say more!

Source: @7DinMohabbatIn // Instagram

Haye Mahira! Kaisay kar leti hai aap? 

Source: @mahirakhan // Instagram

Yes yes, we know that these aren’t ALL the Mahira Khan looks we’ll be seeing to the run-up to the Eid release of her film, but if the first 7 looks were THIS  grand, we can only imagine what the rest of them will be like. After this list, it cannot be contested, Mahira rules over fashion in this country 🙂

Speaking of fashion, every Sunday we have a segment running on our Instagram story called ‘Fashion Forward’, where I go over the past week’s top celebrity looks and have a little running commentary about what worked and why. So if you’re like me, and love fashion plus celebrities, then do tune in!


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