Mahershala Ali, The First Muslim Actor To Win Two Oscars, Paid Tribute To Jinnah While Accepting His Award

By Arslan Athar | 25 Feb, 2019

In 2017, Mahershala Ali made history by being the first African American man to win an Oscar, on top of which he was the first Muslim to win an Academy award. Of course, Muslims were quick to dismiss the latter because of the dispute regarding Ahmadis and their status within Islam.

Early this morning, Mahershala bagged his second award making him the only Muslim man to win 2 Academy Awards. 

The actor won for his performance in the movie “Green Book”. Americans are applauding the actor for his achievement because like last time, he’s the second African American man to win multiple Oscars.


People were overjoyed at his win. 


While also calling out other Muslims for not celebrating his win.

The last time he won his identity as an Ahmadi Muslim took center stage, at least in the Muslim world. A lot of Pakistani publications took back pieces and social media posts as the fact that he’s Ahmadi became known.



In 2017, Pakistan’s representative to the UN, Maleeha Lodhi tweeted to congratulate Mahershala but had to delete the tweet after people trolled her. 


Some are calling for her to recognize his second win. 


Truly, the man has had to fight a lot of hate and backlash, which makes his win all the more important. 


Whatever said and done, Mahershala Ali is a role model for many Muslims in the industry. 


Of course, some jokes were made on the matter.


And memes were made too. 


Not to mention, he looked absolutely FIRE at the Oscars.


Now, this is a good place to segway into his ‘hat’. A lot of people, including me thought it was a beanie, but as I looked on further and did some digging, it turned out it wasn’t JUST a beanie.

Via Twitter


Mahershala was wearing a Jinnah cap!

Source: Getty Images


He carries it off SO well!

Source: Beaumont Enterprise

The Quaid would approve. 

Source: Pinterest

This is an issue that has gone on for far too long. An Oscar is an Oscar at the end of the day, regardless of who’s won it. It’s a huge achievement regardless of what your religious beliefs are, so what harm is congratulating or being happy for him doing to our faith?

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Cover Photo Courtesy:  Getty Images and Beaumont Enterprise

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