Pakistanis Are Furious After A 9-Year-Old Was Beaten To Death By His Madrassa Teacher

By Ather Ahmed | 22 Jan, 2018

A few weeks ago, 7-year-old Zainab’s tragic death left Pakistan shaken.


Just a few days later, Asma suffered a similar fate.

Source: Via Twitter

Today, the unfortunate case of 9-year-old Hussain being beaten to death by his teacher is making the rounds.

Mohammad Hussain was a student at a Madrassa at Bin Qasim Town where he was allegedly beaten to death by the Madrassa teacher. The student was reportedly struck by a blunt object repeatedly.

Source: Via Twitter

The police arrested the Madrassa teacher – Qari Najmuddin. 

A video of him responding to the entire incident has also been released.

9-year-old Hussain had made previous attempts to flee.

He had previously tried to escape after being subjected to similar brutality. However, his parents sent him back to the seminary. There, Qari Najmuddin beat him up again, resulting in his demise.

Given the recent wave of such incidents surfacing on the scene, Pakistanis are outraged over the incident.

Moreover, they’re demanding prompt justice.

People rightly termed the barbaric act “shocking” and “unacceptable.”

Moreover, people were only further aggravated after watching the circulating video.

People are being extremely vocal about how inhumane the act is.

Soon, rumors started surfacing that the victim’s family has forgiven Qari Najmuddin.

Some are arguing that it’s a crime against the state.

While others believe that forgiveness is not an option.

We sincerely hope that justice is served and the relevant authorities take prompt action. However, what’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments.

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