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I Made My Non-Punjabi Friends Watch Maula Jatt And This Is What They Had To Say

I Made My Non-Punjabi Friends Watch Maula Jatt And This Is What They Had To Say

So ‘Maula Jatt’ is pretty ironic, right? Well, that’s what I thought for the longest time until I found out that my very own friends hadn’t watched it.

So the obvious thing to do was to make them watch it, and well their responses were interesting, to say the least.

‘Umm, what are they saying?’ 

Now the first time I watched this, I didn’t get parts of it either but these poor guys were clueless from the very first scene. It was genuinely quite entertaining to watch them squint their eyes, and peer into the screens; as if that would help. Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, sadly my own Punjabi skills aren’t that great, so I wasn’t much help.

Source: SochTheBand

‘Why does everyone have to shout and give their lines?’ 

Chalo, this one tou we all got to admit. Maula Jatt is all about that loud acting. Everyone is screaming at the other, and everything is overly-dramatic. I personally would count this in the things I love about the movie- it’s just so extra!

Source: Deenga

‘Is that a dhoti?’ 

I mean, yeah! What did you guys expect? Jeans?

Source: Deenga

‘Why are the extras at the back so dead?’

I genuinely did NOT notice that till my friends pointed it out. The people at the back just sort of…stood there!

Source: Spyglass Entertainment

‘What’s that stick Maula Jatt is holding?’

Do you mean the gandasa? Yes, its a problematic depiction of Punjabi culture, but still sab ko pata hai gandasa!

Source: Be Pakistan

‘Did not know Punjabis were so big on horses!’ 

Source: Youtube

Jab bhi kuch hojaye gaon mein, everyone just stands in a circle and stares.’ 

The passive crowd just follows you everywhere!

Source: Deenga

‘Okay, they really need to say their words better, like seriously!’

Mix their screaming in with crazy mumbling, and you get dialogues that you just cannot understand a word they are saying. There’s a limit to how much rewinding you can do for a video.

Source: Deenga

‘Thank God professional choreography became a thing’

The music videos were just women with open hair and simply jumping around the place. There was nothing entertaining about it, but thankfully the aesthetics for these videos got better.

Source: Dawn

‘There’s a sequel to this! OMG let’s watch it!!’ 

Maula Jatt’ goes to London? It exists? Chalo let’s watch it.

Source: Hotspot Cafe

Have you watched ‘Maula Jatt’ recently? What were your thoughts about it?


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