Here's How To See The Lunar Eclipse That's Happening Tonight In Pakistan

By Hurmat Riaz | 7 Aug, 2017

Lunar eclipse occurs when Earth, Sun and Moon align in a straight line or Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon. So in practical terms, that means the sun’s light is blocked to the moon and it gets all dark out there. As it’s full moon these days, tonight’s lunar eclipse is going to be extra special as we will be able to witness it for solid two hours.


The eclipse is a partial lunar eclipse as the moon will be partially submerged in the Earth’s shadow

There's a full moon brewing. And a lunar eclipse ??????????? set your intentions on fire! Get your crystals out there and let the power of the eclipse infuse the fire of its crystal soul. For kids who are just starting their crystal journey, use the full moon as a ritual for them to start. They can wash their crystals in salty water or even running water, take their crystals outside or on a window and let them ask the moon to protect their crystals, and to charge them with its Lunar love. They might want to set some mini intentions like sharing kindness to their family and friends or being respectful to nature or to do things with love not anger. Sometimes when kids get attached to their crystals it's hard for them to pop them outside when they are used to them next to their bed or in their room. Get them to keep a crystal with them and when they bring their other crystals in they can charge their 'safety' crystal with the full moon even the night after the peak full moon. And sunshine charges them too so they can pop them in the sun. Both my kids have nightmares on the full moon when their crystals are all out on our deck charging because we charge for 3 nights, so we always leave a couple inside and rotate just a few on the full moon nights so they have their little sleep 'aid' with them. The lunar eclipse is on the 8th and in Sydney we will see it from about 2am and it will be at its peace at 4:20am and will finish just before dawn. #lunareclipse2017 #fullmoon

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This year in Pakistan, we are going to witness the eclipse for solid two hours


Tarot card readers, astrologers, and crystal readers are anticipating this eclipse as a major shift in the world of astrology bringing major changes in every zodiac sign’s journey

Each zodiac will experience different shifts in their moods because of this year’s lunar eclipse.

The full moon / lunar eclipse happens on Monday August 7th at 2:21pm ET. ?Big themes for this cosmic energy shift are: letting go of how you've been hiding or holding yourself back; discovering your true joy & purpose; and acting from your joy/purpose for the good of the collective. ?Eclipses can be a lot of energy to manage, esp if you're sensitive/psychic, and much of their effect is on our subconscious, which determines so many of our choices & our reality. ?In collaboration with my sweet friend Sonja @astrologercoach I've recorded a guided meditation to help lead people through this energy shift, support their subconscious healing work, and receive guidance about their purpose, all for their highest. ?Hit the link in my profile to #workyourmagic fellow mystics?

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And on top of that, people are really excited about watching the eclipse in Pakistan


You don’t need telescopes to witness it, though binoculars would be nice to view it properly


The eclipse is also clear enough to be photographed. So all you photographers, keep your cameras ready to shoot some nice photos of the “dark” moon


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While some people are celebrating this event by planning their futures


Many are worried of the myths and superstitions attached to the eclipse


Some early sleepers are contemplating whether they’ll get up for the eclipse or not


In Pakistan, the eclipse will start at 8:50 pm, will be at its peak at 11:20 pm and will end at 12:50 am.

The eclipse’ magnitude is 1.2 which basically is an indication how much of the celestial body will be shadowed by Earth.

Here‘s a countdown to remind you about the start of the eclipse, in case you forget

It’s also going to be solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017 but it’ll not be visible in Pakistan.


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