21 Of The Most Hilarious Tweets About Pakistanis On Ludo Star

By Hurmat Riaz | 24 Aug, 2017

Ludo Star has enjoyed immense popularity in Pakistan. The game has so many fans, probably because it reminds people of all the fun they’ve had in their childhood while playing the game with their friends and family. All the scheming and pranks you played on people making sure their goti got out or their turn was dud because they rolled three 6’s… oh the good days.

The game is so huge that people went absolutely batshit crazy when the app was recently suffering from outages for some users

Some people even though that the game had been banned in the country.


So, if you’re a fan of the game, you’re definitely going to enjoy these funny AF tweets about the game:


1. Like this person who’s reminiscing about the time when things were simpler and so was the dice

Via: Twitter


2. And this one who thinks Fifa has a competition


3. There’s this guy who missed an exam thanks to Ludo Star


4. And then some sastay ashiq woke up from their slumber when the game was down


5. How about this phupho who loves the game?


6. When someone crosses a line


7. Ludo Star > Life.

In fact, ludo star is LIFE.

8. Even doctors are on board for the game


9. Chakka ludo mein bhi aur dil pay bhi..


10. When you lose a match on the app


11. Pakistanis know what’s hip and trendy


12. And when you try to make a joke as you’re going down


13. Or when friends turn out to be the biggest snakes


14. Whoopsies


15. The game’s taken over as the national sport

Okay not really. But for the time being.


16. Ludo Star: setting new friendship goals


17. Ludo Star is making Pakistan rich again

18. And teaching people the best pick up line of 2017

It works, btw.


19. Waoh. Easy there, tiger

Ye thora ziada hogaya


20. Casually dragging politics into a light, fun game


21. Basically


Do you have some funny encounters of your time spent at Ludo Star? Tell us in the comments.

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