Here's What Your Love Life Looks Like This Week According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Maliha Khan | 17 Sep, 2018

The stars may be in your favor this week. Without further ado, here’s what each different zodiac sign has in store for their love life this week. Keep reading to find out!


It is hard for you to accept compliments and to allow yourself to love another human being, but be open to the idea of love. Love is real. If it feels like you have been hit in the face with too many feelings and emotions all at once – it’s probably love. Don’t be so self-deprecating, and you will immediately notice a difference in the way you treat your partner. Things are looking good for you this week.



You’re in love and oh man you are in deep. Avoid getting carried away with buying expensive or giving into too much this week. You may be in your feels, but don’t allow anybody to take advantage of the feelings you have for them.



People are naturally attracted to you, so it’s your job to make sure your partner does not feel left out at social gatherings due to your friendliness. You may not love surprises, but for once, let someone do something nice for you.



This may be an emotional time for you, but you will get through it. You haven’t laughed in a while, so the person that makes you even strike a smile is worth giving a chance. Work as a team with your partner to get over your the hurdles in your life and have faith in them to help you out.



You may find it hard to balance your work, love, and social life, but being around your partner makes it easier to handle the stress of it all. It’s okay to ask for help and get help, it does not make you less of a person. The timing of this week if looking pretty good for your love life so take advantage of it.

Source: Astrological-Zodiac-Signs


A friendly relationship may move towards a romantic relationship which may take you by complete surprise or it may have been something you have been awaiting. Either way,  you have some big decisions to make. You are naturally very independent, so try and make your partner feel like she/he is needed more than what you give them credit for.



Money and finances are creating a lot of issues in your romantic relationships, and you may get a little frustrated. Be honest with your partner and figure out a solution together. Things will place into place on their own.



Love is not a game and there should be no competition. Remember you two are on the same team. Opening up old wounds will not end positively. Be the bigger person and learn to apologize amidst arguments.


If you are not happy, then your partner cannot be happy. Take time for yourself to figure out things before putting the burden all of your stresses and tensions on your partner. This type of pressure may lead to issues that will not be easily solved, so be aware.

Source; Astrology-zodiac-signs


You may have a boring week with your partner since you are so used to new and exciting experiences. If you cannot find something to do at home or even find topics to have conversations about, then it might be time to evaluate your relationship. Relationships are so much more than hanging out, they are an emotional bond as well.


You may feel content in your relationship, but it could be better. Learn to put in a little bit more effort and just watch your relationship flourish. You may make a huge discovery about yourself or your relationship and it will answer a lot of questions for you.



The more time you want to spend with your loved one, the more it can come off as clingy. Learn to draw a line between caring for somebody and obsessing over somebody. Miscommunication will be a huge downfall in your relationship this well, it might be best to avoid each other this week.

Source: Astrology-Zodiac-Signs

Can you relate to your predictions for this week? Have you made sure you’ve checked out your crush’s prediction too? Let us know what you think.

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According To Your Zodiac Sign, Here’s What This Week Will Be Like For You

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