Here’s What Your Horoscope Says About Your Love Life | 29th October – 4th November

By Maliha Khan | 30 Oct, 2018

Hey folks, we’re back again this week to let you know what your horoscope has in store for you. Read on to figure out if you should talk to that crush or continue biting down hard on your feelings and staying lonely (jk, never do that. The truth will set you free.)

Okay, let’s get into it:



You have a tendency of pushing things aside so the last time you had a difference with your partner you pretended like it was dealt with, but it really wasn’t. Now those issues and differences will arise and cause a lot of friction in your relationship.




This is the ideal time to profess your love or let your partner know how much you care about him/her. You have always kept your feelings to yourself, but being in a relationship means it is okay to express your love for the other. Allow your love to bloom and become closer to your partner.



It’s time to do some soul-searching and figure out where you went wrong the last time. Being in a committed, long-term relationship is tough and it has its challenges, so knowing what you can do better next time will make for more successful relationships in the future.

You’ve got your work cut out for you.



The beginning of the week will be the best time to let your romantic side come out. The rest of the week might be a little challenging considering you do not speak the language of love. Make connections, become close, and share experiences this week.



Your choice of words will show your true intentions in your love life this week. Your partner will be greatly impacted by the way you speak and what you have to say. Watch your words and be careful with how you express your feelings and emotions.



You have a history of connecting with people that do not fulfill your needs which leaves you feeling hopeless in the department of love. Worrying less about money and the luxuries you think are important in love, realize having a partner to feel at home with is the best luxury life can get you.



You have a tendency of hiding parts of yourself with people, including your partner, and this will create issues. Your partner is definitely the more open and friendly one, which helps to bring out a side of you that normally does not come out. Learning a little from them won’t harm you in any way.



Be open and talk about your life and your deepest desires with your partner because you will find you are a lot like your partner than you had previously thought. Share your successes and your sorrows with them to build a strong base for a long-lasting relationship.



A friend or friendships may be coming in the way of your relationship and that too for all of the wrong reasons. Friends like these are not real friends, they are people you don’t need in your life anymore. Evaluate the friendships in your life and the ones that cause distress in your love life.



Your love life may have begun in a professional setting or in a more structured way, but that does not mean your relationship needs to remain that way. You and partner need to let loose and allow yourselves to really enjoy being together and being in love.



You have too many highly ideal expectations and it’s time to reassess them. No relationship is perfect or will get perfect, so do not keep denying the love that you think is imperfect. That love might be the best kind of love and you are just not allowing yourself to immerse in its imperfection.



You allow negative emotions to get in the middle of your love life. Jealousy, resentment, and powerlessness are never good, especially in a relationship that is supposed to be built on happy emotions. Don’t overthink things.


Sooo, kya haal hain? What’s your love life looking like this week as per your horoscope? Let us know in the comments!


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