13 Things Anyone Who's Trying To Lose Weight Is Tired Of Hearing

By Sajeer Shaikh | 5 May, 2017

When you’re trying to lose weight, you commit yourself to a process that requires a ridiculous amount of will power and discipline. However, when you embark on this journey, a lot of people take it upon themselves to share their valuable advice – even if you may not have asked for it.

Here are a few things you definitely hear when you’re trying to lose weight:


1. “Mushkil lag raha hai”

Yes, well-meaning acquaintance – mushkil hai. Bohot mushkil hai. But that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t attempt to lose weight at all, right? Plus it’s going to be worth it – unless you keep being a source of negativity, that is.

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2. “Waisay, you do look like you need to lose weight”

Thank you, yaar. Couldn’t have firmly been able to come to this decision without your valuable feedback.

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3. “Yaar, let me tell you what I did. Pakka kaam karega.”

The concern is always appreciated, but the same diet and exercise plan doesn’t exactly work for everyone. People have different metabolic rates and different body types. They need to be able to choose a pace, diet plan and workout regime that suits them best.

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4. “Mujhe toh laga tum diet pe ho”

Hey, cheat meals are real, okay. Don’t shame people into not eating. People who are trying to lose weight can give into cravings from time to time.

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5. “Weight loss is easy. Bas control karna seekho.”

Just like that, all your weight loss problems have been solved. Just with this one piece of advice. If you say this to people, weight watchers all over the world owe you their combined gratitude.

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6. “Aaj toh cheat meal banti hai.”

While weight watchers allow themselves certain cheat meals over the course of the week, it’s unfair to expect them to make changes for plans with friends. Nahi, aaj cheat meal nahi banti. Sirf cheat day par banti hai. 

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7. “Will it really make a difference?”

That’s what we’re hoping for, you know? Difference ke liye hee mehnat kar rahe hain, agar aap ki ijazat ho toh. 

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8. “Lag toh nahi raha hai ke diet pe ho

Okay, the progress may not be the fastest, but hey – this is pretty demotivating. Pata lag jayega aaram se. Besides, isn’t health the most important aspect. Why does no one ever ask about your health?

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9. “Kis ke liye itni mehnat ho rahi hai?”

Apne liye. Self love? Self improvement? This isn’t a Bollywood transformation movie where a love interest is always the catalyst for change.

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10. “Men like women with meat on their bones” 

Woah, it’s almost like all women exist simply to please the men in their lives. Or to attract men to them. Making certain adjustments to the way you look to be happier and healthier, both mentally and physically – woh kya hota hai? 

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11. “You know you won’t automatically look like a model, right?”

To be fair, most models don’t look like models till they’ve been photoshopped. So it’s not exactly the biggest loss. And that may not always be the end goal to begin with.

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12. “Pata bhi nahi chal raha. Are you sure you’re doing it right?”

People – it takes time. It’s a process. Please don’t chime in with unnecessary criticism that is in no way constructive.

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13. “Maintain kaise hoga phir?”

Pehle kam toh hojaye? Phir maintain bhi karleinge. 

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Trying to lose weight is hard enough for those who’re committing themselves to the process. Maybe try to hold back on the free advice and make things easier?


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