15 Things You Should Avoid Saying To Someone Who's Trying To Lose Weight

By Sakina Hunaid | 29 Mar, 2017

Do you know someone who is trying to lose weight? Losing weight is not an easy thing, it requires a lot of self-discipline and a very strong will. Imagine the pain of going to the gym when you could just be sleeping. Imagine trading yummy chocolate sundae and that huge 21 inch pizza for a bowl of salad and soup. Sounds hard, no? But guess what makes it harder? The way people around us react when we are on a diet.

Here are few things that you must avoid saying to those who are trying to lose weight. Your intention might not be bad, but these things are very demotivating:


1. Wow, you look great now. It’s good that you lost all that weight.

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Argh! I was fine with the way I was and it doesn’t necessarily mean that I didn’t like the fat me. The society has shamed me enough, you don’t have to reinforce it.


2. But you look great the way you are. You can be fat and beautiful.

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Again, you do not know my reason for losing weight and it isn’t necessary that I am losing weight because I think I do not look good. Argh.


3. You can’t ever be skinny, you know?

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Okay, fuck you. I am trying to shed some pounds and you are not helping with your demotivating speech.


4. You should try this diet plan my friend once did, he lost 30 kilos in two weeks.

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Did anyone even ask you for your advice?


5. You shouldn’t really be eating that on your diet.

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It could be that I have planned my calories this way. Nobody asked you for an unsolicited advice.


6. Just don’t eat a lot and you will be fine.

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Dude, you are probably lucky that you don’t gain weight. Others aren’t that lucky. We all have different metabolism and even if I eat less, I wouldn’t lose weight. Don’t just assume that since I am fat, I have been overeating.


7. Bus itna hi kum hua hai weight?

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Dude, let me go on my own pace, okay? I have my own plan and I will follow it. You don’t need to bother with the rate at which I am losing it.


8. You know that’s actually more harmful for you.

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Hate it when it is coming from a random stranger.


9. Oh come on, thora sa cake kha lo nahi motay ho gae.

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Once I start, I won’t stop. Don’t encourage me to break my diet.


10. Tumharey liye special brownies banai hain

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Thank you so much! Now make me feel guilty for refusing to have it.


11. Men like curvy girls so don’t go too hard on yourself.

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Meri tou saari zindagi mardon ko khush karne mein hi nikal jayegi


12. Only dieting is useless, you should try exercising with it.

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You don’t know what my schedule is. Maybe I cannot take out 2 hours for gym? So shut the fuck up.


13. So you will be ordering salad only? HA HA

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It’s not okay to comment on what someone is ordering.


14. You can workout a little bit extra today, here have this pizza slice

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Do you realize how much energy it takes to burn those 350 extra calories? DO YOU?!


15. Can I eat your stuff if you’re on a diet?

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NO YOU CANNOT EVER EAT MY STUFF. I will eat it bit by bit. Maybe I wanna have half serving right now and the rest for dinner? So yeah, don’t look at my food.


To everyone who’s trying to lose weight, block away the haters. You’re doing good, not all the days may be perfect but if you really want this, you need to stay focused. You will get there.

Source: deenga.com


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