11 Times ‘Log Kya Kahein Gay' Ruined Your Life

By MangoBaaz Studio | 17 Jan, 2017

Listen to me, you’re not biryani – you can’t make everyone happy. You’re the ilaichi in the biryani. Some people will be okay with you. Some won’t be. So be the ilaichi. Always present. But the minute you start caring about log kya kahein gay, that’s when you’re doomed. It’s like the Chinese proverb goes ‘kuch tau log kahein gay, logon ka kaam hai kehna’. Okay that’s not Chinese, but you get the drift, right?

Here’s all the times the whole ‘log kya kahein gay’ construct has come in the way of you achieving your dreams and eventually ruined a good period of your life:


1. When you wanted to pick your favorite major at college, like Art History or Theater

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Psychology: pagaloun ka doctor ban’na hai?

Mass Communication/Television/Film: marasi nahi paalnay.


2. When you wanted to ask that girl out on a date

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Just because she wasn’t the ‘right’ person, or she didn’t have a good reputation, or just because people didn’t approve.


3. When you wanted to travel the country on your own

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Of course, akeli larki khuli tijori ki tarhaan hoti hai, my bwoys.


4. When you wanted to pursue your dream of becoming a street theater actor

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Because there’s a set standard, and Ashraf Uncle’s son already set it.


5. When you gave up on a lot more than just your dreams

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Love, integrity, self-respect, are only some of the things you had to put secondary so Aunty Shahida and her acceptance could come first.


6. When you didn’t want to get married but your younger sister already had 4 kids

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Sorry ladies, but your dreams are pretty secondary when it comes to all the society aunties ganging up against you to ask khushkhabri kub hai, shaadi ko 2 ghantay ho chukey hein?


7. When you were forced to get married even if you’re.not.ready

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Beta ab A Levels/Graduation khatam hogayi hai, log kya kahein gay, jawan beti gher per bithayi hui hai.


8. When you couldn’t be friends with people from the opposite sex

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Astaghfirullah, how can you meet boys? Even if you’ve spent your entire life being best friends with them?


9. When you had to put away that guitar/sewing machine/football

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Beta, you can be whatever you want yo be, as long as you become a doctor.


10. When you couldn’t get out of the 9 to 5 web

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Tameez se time per gher aajao, poore muhallay mein baat phel jayegi warna. 


11. When you had to sit and listen to people tell you ‘beta, log kya kahein ge?’

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Because there’s no way out of it. If someone is telling you to be more socially acceptable, you better sit your ass down and listen to them.

Don’t give in to what everyone says, you’re only accountable for yourself. And if you need more motivation to get up and reach out for your dream, follow Sherry’s journey as he breaks out of the log kya kahein gay shell he’s been kept it!


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