The Director Of “Load Wedding” Is Getting Emotional Over His Movie Not Doing So Well At The Box Office

By Arslan Athar | 28 Aug, 2018

This Bari Eid saw three new Pakistani film releases. They all battled it out to win over the Pakistani awaam. Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2′ came out on top with its quick wit and one-liners. ‘Load Wedding’ had a hard time at the box office. The film offered a story with a heart and a strong social message, so it does suck to see it not do as well as the rest.


The director of the film, Nabeel Qureshi, was particularly vocal about this and blamed cinemas for the movie not doing well. 

The director posted a screenshot of the movie timings, where compared to the other Eid releases, ‘Load Wedding’ has to do with one-time slot allocated to them.


He goes on to call this action by cinemas as ‘dhandli’, which is a pretty big claim to make.

Nabeel Qureshi also claims that this is what one gets for making a more with a social impact


It seems a little unfair to blame cinemas, but there were some who agreed with him


People shared images of other cinemas giving all the movies equal timings, thereby discrediting his claims 


I mean, he really is basing his claims on ONE cinema in there’s that


The truth bombs being thrown at Nabeel Qureshi were pretty savage 


Not a lot of people saw how the blame lay with the cinemas 

Others pointed out how this was an issue of timing 


Also, many people online are not buying the ‘dhandli’ allegations. It’s just simple economics. 

Nabeel was called ‘immature’. Things are not looking up for the poor guy


At the end of the day, the whole game boils down to money and demand. People are rushing to see movies like ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon’ and ‘Jawani Phir Nahin Ani 2′ so really, there is no dhandhli shandhli happening. The movie itself is not bad, it may just be that Eid wasn’t the best time for ‘Load Wedding’ to come out. Also, in either case, the director really shouldn’t be blaming cinemas for the movie not doing as well as the others. It’s quite unprofessional on his part, to be honest.


What do you think? What’s to blame for the movie not doing well at the Pakistani Box Office?


Let us know in the comments 🙂

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