Twitter Is Having A Meltdown Because Of These Tiny Earrings By A Pakistani Fashion Store

By Alveena Jadoon | 20 Jan, 2018

Limelight is causing anxiety to people on Twitter with their earrings. Lol


Who would have thought that earrings could cause such a frenzy?

BUT it has been proved otherwise. Limelight is a Pakistani clothing brand. They are well known for their designs and accessories.



Recently a Twitter user, pointed out these “unusual” pair of earrings that were available at the store she visited

Here, check them out yourself

Source: @Faiqaaheree / Twitter

Just a pair of earrings highlighting sexy lingerie (as if we do not know that exists), but it caused some serious chaos on the Twittersphere.


This was followed by a series of responses expressing complete and utter shock at a product like this

People just couldn’t believe their eyes that a woman’s clothing item could be made into a tiny accessory to be worn by women who buy it out of complete choice, knowing their circumstances and surroundings.

Via: Twitter
Via: Twitter
Via: Twitter


Whose idea could it have been?

It was a shock for people that lingerie could be something that openly visible because, of course, it is be haya  AF.

Via: Twitter
Via: Twitter


Where do you wear these?

Via: Twitter
Via: Twitter
Via: Twitter


Parda dalo

Of course this quintessentially desi response was also heavily featured among those who graced the tweet with their opinions.

Via: Twitter


To each his own

Via: Twitter
Via: Twitter


However this user correctly pointed out that the future of the nation should not be questioned based merely on earrings


Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Cover image via: @Faiqaaheree / Twitter

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