17 Lifesaving Makeup Tips From Your Mother That Work Better Than Any Hacks

By Iman Zia | 8 May, 2017

Nowadays, you’ll come across countless different beauty tips from pretty much everywhere. While most can be incredibly helpful, you’ll stumble upon a few that feed some doubt. While tips have come and gone, my amma‘s secrets to her flawless skin have been my constants in my beauty routine ever since I was a wee little teen.

To celebrate all maternal figures out there, here are the most lifesaving lessons on soorki powder I will forever keep with me.


1. Minimal makeup will save your skin.

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2. Don’t use a cream to moisturize your skin at night – nourish it with natural oils.

Organic oils like almond oil and castor oil are really good for your skin and they’re natural moisturizers.

Source: Mirisch Company


3. ALWAYS apply sunscreen when you go out, even when it isn’t sunny

The Sun’s UV rays are what the sunscreen protects you from and those UV rays are present in the atmosphere even when it’s not sunny.

Source: beautylish.com


4. Keep a bag of essential beauty supplies with you at all time

This could include basics like your everyday lipstick, foundation and sponge. Whatever you want to keep at hand for emergencies.

Source: labelsandlove.co.uk

If you’re new to makeup, here‘s an idea for making a basic makeup kit.


5. Vaseline is a must

You never know when your lips get chapped.

Source: The Walt Disney Company


6. It’s better to not pluck your eyebrows AT ALL than accidentally pluck them too thin

Source: Walt Disney Pictures / BrownHouse Productions


7. Excessive frowning not only dampens your mood, it adds wrinkles in places you don’t want it, prematurely

Source: Warner Bros. Television


8. Try and let your skin breathe, at least on non eventful days

My amma wears eyeliner and a bit of mascara for everyday use. It’s probably something unfathomable – to have zero foundation, but she would always save it for special occasions. Be comfortable in your natural skin.

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9. Don’t be afraid of the color red. In fact, make it a staple

Dab some on for work, for a night out and even a trip to the movies. Simplicity!

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10. NEVER use skin whitening creams or face washes

They will ruin your skin. Regular moisturizing creams and refreshing face washes are better.


11. Drink water. Lots of water.

Water is love, water is life.

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12. Make olive oil your best friend

Olive oil in your diet, olive oil in your hair, olive oil on your skin… it’s a miracle oil, really.

Source: eatthis.com


13. Eat healthily, and fuel your body with the right foods

Treat your body like a temple.

Source: Touchstone Pictures / Silver Screen Partners IV


15. Sarson ka tel is good for your hair

By this time you should know that natural oils are really good for your hair and skin.

Source: bebeautiful.in


16. Along with all the oils, finding time for some face mask can also improve your overall skin’s health

Haldi mixed with basin and some milk and honey is all you need on a week night to heal your skin.

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17. Mehndi may stain your hair red but it’s really got a nice cooling effect

So if you’re looking to color your hair, mehndi is a natural hair dye you can try.

Source: tradeindia.com


So ladies, what makeup tips did your mother teach you that you still swear by? Share in the comments below and let us all enjoy your mum’s beauty secrets.


This is part of our series for ‘Mother’s Day’, celebrating every aspect of our lives our mothers are an integral part of. For other pieces in the series, click here.

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