15 Pakistanis Share Their Best Moments In Life

By Sarmad Amer | 23 Jul, 2016

Life has a tendency to be like a roller coaster where you get the downs and then some. You also get highs that are better than the best things you’ve ever experienced before that. What matters with the journey of life is that you take it in your stride, ride the tough times and enjoy the good ones like they’re pretty much your last.


These Pakistanis sure do enjoy some of the best moments in their lives:


1. Like this true lover who is never jealous


2. Or this Majnoo who can never forget the moment


 3. This brilliant student sure knows their best moment


4. And so does this acha bacha


5. This social media queen’s best moment was hitting the century


6. While this guy was happiest when he woke up to a weekend

Jo sota hai woh khota hai… aur Lahore walay uska gosht kha jatay hain.


7. This student was happy at her professor stealing her hard work


8. And this lazy one was happy free riding with their friends


9. This prankster really had a great childhood


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10. This one’s best moment is when she got freebies from mommy


11. And this cricket fan was happiest when Misbah showed us all that he is a true Lord.


12. This iPhone owner’s best moment was a recent app launch

Jealous hojao saaray Android waalo.


13. And this one’s best moment was seeing the fridge full

14. This larki shows how girls truly feel about Fawad Khan hitting on them


15. Finally, this one’s favorite moment is every Pakistani’s dil ki baat.


What’s your best moment in life?

Cover Image via: Olivia

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