25 Things You Won't Be Able To Do Anymore If Facebook Gets Banned In Pakistan

By Iman Zia | 17 Mar, 2017

It’s real, people. Facebook might closing up shop in Pakistan if things don’t go according to some people.

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The Pakistani government has decided to strip us of the only meaning to our lives.

It already feels like our zindagis are reverting back to the prehistoric age where drawing on cave walls was the only source of fun.

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This is what life is going to be like without the only meaning to our social media hungry lives:

1. You won’t be able to tag your friends in memes.

2. Or in embarrassing photos.

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3. Come to think of it, there will be no more embarrassing photos.

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4. Goodbye check-ins to show the world where you are at a specific time.

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5. Say alvida to creepy DM slide-ins from thirsty AF boys (and girls)

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6. You’ll actually be able to avoid school friends you honestly want nothing to do with.

7. Stalking your ex will cease to exist.

(Maybe you’ll finally get over them too).

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9. Cringeworthy comments from your abba will, thank goodness, no longer be a thing.

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10. And you won’t even need to block people from stalking you.

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11. You won’t know where your crush is or if he’s still labelled himself as single.

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12. You’d have to start remembering everyone’s birthdays.

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13. Adios procrastination.

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14. Evil bitchy people with their evil bitchy comments will have to find another outlet to vent.

15. Remember actual paper invites to parties? Well, with no Facebook events to say

Well with no facebook events to say yes/maybe/interested to, you’ll have to blindly agree to going to a party without knowing who’s actually going to be there.

16. No more fazool status updates to inform everyone why potty is not as brown as you want it to be

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17. You’ll actually have to spend time with your family…. ewww

No more excuses.

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18. We’d all flock to Twitter. Or Tumblr.

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19. No more social suicide where you accidentally like a 1330479357458 year old photo of someone you’re stalking.

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20. No more fake likes on your sponsored pages.

Being fake popular is tough.

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21. No more spoilers of your fave TV shows.

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22. You won’t be able to drool over Yasser Puri in his Facebook vids.

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But you can still catch him on Youtube.

23. No more pokes. I repeat – no more pokes.

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24. Khuda Hafiz to all them candy crush invites.

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25. Best of all, your friendships will have to be more real

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Life will pretty much suck, tbh. Pakistan Zindabad. How will your life change after the Facebook ban?


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