13 Struggles Anyone Who's A Liberal In Pakistan Can Completely Understand

By Sakina Hunaid | 25 Mar, 2017

Are you a liberal in Pakistan?

Okay so the words “conservative” and “liberal” have a proper dictionary definition but in Pakistan, we have our own unique way of defining things. This word is highly misunderstood and Pakistanis, on average, HATE anyone who identifies as a liberal.

Here are all the things anyone who identifies as a liberal has experienced, at least once:


1. If you’re a liberal in Pakistan you are frequently called a “libtard”

Via: Tumblr

Liberal + Retard = Libtard. People, this isn’t only a really lame word, but throwing around the word “retard” so casually is actually insensitive, not to speak of how offensive it is.


2. It’s assumed that because you’re a liberal in Pakistan you are anti-religion and have zero tolerance for those who follow religion

Source: We Think Films / Hot Water Bottle Films

No man, being liberal is about tolerating different viewpoints.


3. You also want to spread fahashi, according to the world

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How is acceptance of letting everyone live life their own way related to fahashi?


4. You often hear things like, “you are supporting a Western agenda”

Source: deenga.com

Can we not?


5. Or that all this is a “yahoodi sazish” and you are a yahoodi agent

Source: ZaynVEVO / YouTube


6. If you’re a woman, then you’re a whore who is the worst thing that can happen to Pakistan

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7. You also just want everyone to have sex all the time. Tauba taubaaaa

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8. Some people also automatically assume that you speak English very well just because you’re a liberal in Pakistan

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I will never understand that logic. Dude, how can my linguistic skills affect my ideology? Mein har zubaan mein equality soch sakti hun.


9. They think that you are supporting the LGBTQ community because maybe you’re a homosexual yourself

Source: deenga.com

I support animal rights, am I a panda? I support environmental rights, am I a tree?


10. Not to forget the misconception that you are “burger bacha

Sure, burgers care about other people, okay.

Via: Tumblr

Whatever the fuck that means.


11. The number of idiots who tell you to “go to Amreeka if you want to support Western culture” is pretty high

Via PandaWhale


12. You suffer the burden of taking this mulk towards its barbaadi

Via: Tumblr

lol okay.


13. Sometimes even your own family doesn’t get you so you find your own liberal, fahaashyahoodi agent family

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Yaaay, for fahaashi.


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