11 Important Reasons Why You Need A Leo Best Friend In Your Life

By Mehwish A. W. | 25 Jul, 2018

What would life be like without a warm, energetic, and kind friend by your side? Pretty depressing and boring, if you ask me. However, if you have a Leo friend, then you just know how AWESOME life becomes. If you don’t have a Leo friend, believe me, you are sincerely missing out.

Here are some of their positive traits that will make you want to befriend one as soon as possible:


1. They are really generous

Leo is one of the most generous of all the signs. They like giving and helping others. They cannot see their friends suffering and they will be the first ones to be there with an arm outstretched. Leos like showering their friends with gifts or may treat them to dinner because they love sharing what they have with their friends. They know how to pamper those they love.

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2. They are loyal to the bone

Loyalty is a Leo’s middle name. If you have a Leo friend, they will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, for you. No matter what, rain or shine, come hell or high water, through the good and the bad, you will find them standing by your side. They do not take their relationships lightly, which means, when they commit, they commit. End of story. However, if you betray them, get ready to be cut out of their lives.

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3. Leos are born leaders

Some people may feel that Leos are kinda bossy and dominating, but there is no denying that leadership and taking charge of things comes naturally to them. When you let your Leo friend take command, they have the ability to lead the team to victory.

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4. You will never have a dull moment when they are around

Leos are social, playful, and entertaining people. They don’t like to see those around them in unhappy moods. They will tell jokes, come up with fun stuff or just do anything to entertain and be in the spotlight. So, it is quite rare to have a boring or dull moment with a Leo around.

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5. Leo will always give you the facts and an honest opinion

Leos tend to be really direct and straightforward with people. If you are looking for some honest opinion, they are the first person to go to. Whenever they do not agree with something you are doing, they will definitely spell it out. And, it is not because they like hurting others or they think highly of themselves, it’s because they care!

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6. They love adventuring and exploring with friends

Leos are usually quite adventurous. But, they don’t like to do all those adventures and exploring alone – they like to do all those things with friends. They are the kind of people who enjoy the company of their friends, especially when it comes to adventuring and exploring new things.

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7. They truly value their friends

Leos love their friends a lot. They don’t just like or appreciate their friends, they actually VALUE them. Once you become their friend, they make you friend for life (unless, of course, you do something bad to them).

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8. They are also usually protective

Like a lion, who takes it as its own responsibility to protect its family, Leos also feel that it is their responsibility to make everyone feel safe in their presence. They’ll step in and roar without a second thought to protect their loved ones when someone tries to do anything bad to them.

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9. Leos have the ability to inspire and motivate

Leos are deeply optimistic and help others see the brighter side when times are tough. When you’re in a bad mood or are upset, they will try their best to make you happy and cheerful with their positive outlook towards things. They are also determined and ambitious, which are qualities that are received well by their friends.

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10. They don’t hold grudges and are very forgiving

Leos do not have time to hold onto grudges. They prefer forgiving and moving on instead of hanging onto hateful and toxic emotions.

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11. They are social butterflies

Leos are naturally social creatures who love to interact with humans. They are often the life of the party as they come up with entertaining and humorous conversations or interesting and fun activities. They remain the center of attention and will walk out of a social event with half of the people there knowing their name.

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Do you have a Leo friend? Can you relate? Anything we missed out on Leos? Let us know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to tag your Leo friends.


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