Legendary Singer Sidhu Moosewala's Song Has Been Removed From YouTube In India And Here's What We Know About It

By Noor | 14 Jul, 2022

So, we all know who Sidhu Moosewala is, right? The Punjabi singer entertained us with his soulful voice, beautiful lyrics, and amazing raps. He made his debut in 2018 and was one of the leading singers in the music industry.  The singer had a massive following worldwide and people loved the simple Punjabi guy who made his way up with immense hard work. His fans did not really view him as a singer only, instead they considered him as an individual who had to courage to unveil ugly social realities through his powerful lyrics. His work in the music industry has a variety of shades and tracks like 295, so high, US, and many others have left the fans impressed.

A few months back, Sidhu Moosewala was shot dead while he was driving his car

In an unfortunate turn of events, while Sidhu was driving to a place with his friends, he was brutally murdered. The singer was hit by 24 bullets and while he was being taken to the hospital, the beloved Punjabi rapper passed away.

Source: @sidhu_moosewala/Instagram

His death has left the fans and people in the music industry shocked and saddened who then poured their thoughts on social media to express their grief

After Sidhu’s sudden death, his parents released his most controversial music track which has been on the trending charts of YouTube since then

The song is titled SYL. It highlights the water-related controversies taking place in the Indian Punjab. SYL stands for the Sutlej Yamna link canal and revolves around a 40-year-old water conflict between Indian Punjab and Haryana. The song also highlights the situation faced by Sikhs in the Indian Punjab and talks about their struggles and their journey as a minority in India.

Source: @sidhu_moosewala/Instagram

The song has been removed from YouTube in India as per the request by the Indian government

The song had acquired 27 million views in less than three days. It has amassed a total of 3.4 million likes on YouTube itself and currently has been viewed 33 million times. The reason given for removing SYL by the YouTube authorities is a legal complaint by the Indian government. However, the song is still available in other countries and on several other music platforms.

Source: @Sidhu Moose Wala/YouTube

If you still have not watched the video of the song then here’s a link to SYL

The fact that Sidhu is not with us anymore hurts the people on both sides of the border. No matter what, the legend will continue to live in the hearts of his fans forever.

Cover image via @sidhu_moosewala/Instagram

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