5 Latest Thrillers On Netflix That Are Not Worth Your Time

By Zehra Batool | 5 Nov, 2022

Thrillers can include a wide range of subgenres, but their success is judged by whether they elicit feelings of suspense, anxiety, tension, and surprise in the audience. That’s what makes a terrific thriller. But here are a few recent thrillers on Netflix that are so unimpressive that they are not worth watching. thrillers

1) Lou thrillers

dull, derailing twisted thriller
Image: Netflix

Allison Janney plays Lou, as you would have guessed. Before lifting the veil, the movie constantly teases us and makes a valiant effort to convince us that it is actually about something, just to leave us baffled. What could have been a taut little action film is instead made more difficult to engage with by a dull, derailing twist that complicates and confuses. All actors give strong performances, but the convoluted plot isn’t really interesting. It would have been more fun if this was just a movie about a retired old woman knocking evil men out of the way to save a kidnapped girl. The domestic element, though, makes it a really boring thriller.

2) The Watcher thrillers

Unlike classic mystery-thriller
Image: Netflix

The Watcher is based on an unsettling true story that was featured in the 2018 issue of New York Magazine. However, the series heavily fictionalize the original while using a few tidbits of reality. It will make you continually wonder whether the show is genuinely based on a true story as you watch it. Unlike classic mystery-thrillers, The Watcher does not even reach any firm conclusions. There are a few intriguing themes, but none are developed. It is rife with overused talking points that don’t really apply to the situation the characters are in. It’s frustrating!

3) Luckiest Girl Alive thrillers

Luckiest Girl Alive
Image: Netflix

Luckiest Girl Alive, like Gone Girl, uses flashbacks to suggest a twisted twist. The #MeToo topic is poorly combined with gender and socioeconomic issues, creating a picture that is a little clunky and unfocused. It presents a ferociously ambitious protagonist who is tortured by gang rape trauma and internalized shame. The actress Kunis, who plays Ani, tries to show agony and pain underneath her outward stone heart, but her portrayal is drenched in clichés. The movie presents the tale of an ideal victim instead of showing a woman learning to express herself. It’s a shame that the film’s promise of a thriller doesn’t really deliver.

4) The Midnight Club

mystery-thriller with no trace of horror
Image: Netflix

It is a huge letdown and a mystery-thriller with no trace of horror. The series features college-bound students who are residing in a hospice and facing impending death. Since nobody enjoys witnessing children who are on the verge of death undergo any form of cruelty, all of the harsh, violent, and cynical acts of violence merely occur elsewhere than in the primary plot, which makes it more underwhelming.

5) The Good Nurse

medical thriller series
Image: Netflix

Charlie Cullen is the subject of the real crime series The Good Nurse. The structure of the narrative leaves us unsatisfied. While it succeeds as a crime drama, it fails as a crime thriller. The story barely makes any effort to delve inside the psyche of the serial killer. It would have been better if Charlie’s crimes and history had been explored in more detail.

You might be better off skipping these vapid movies and series if you don’t want to waste your time.


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