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This Major Development On “Yakeen Ka Safar” Has Left Fans Incredibly Emotional

This Major Development On “Yakeen Ka Safar” Has Left Fans Incredibly Emotional

*Spoiler Alert*

Well, the second last episode of ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ aired and it was quite an emotional journey. It was by far the most calming episode, and while Asfandyar and Zubia had very little interaction, the story did not lose its momentum. Instead, we saw Daniyal ignited within Asfandyar, who vowed to avenge Kharjista who is unlawfully shot.


Kharjista survives attempted murder, and Asfandyar is intent on seeking revenge, fighting for justice and a lawless country

We see in an inferno in Asfandyar, who has truly formed the embodiment of his brother, Daniyal. He tells his father that he will seek justice, and put an end to violence against impoverished women who are so often swept into the shadows. It’s a heartfelt moment as his father assures him he is not alone in this fight. Usman exudes a warmth that is truly befitting for Asfandyar, who needs his father now more than ever.

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Asfandyar is vividly heartbroken by his conversation with Zubia, whereby his love is staunchly rejected by someone fighting her own hidden demons

While stolen glances were the premise of both lovebirds, this episode was rather aching to watch, in particular, Asfandyar who consistently avoids catching Zubia’s longing eyes. He’s broken at this point and incredibly hurt by her – making us wonder if he will ever understand the burning void and gaping hole that is Zubia’s heart.

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It’s only after Asfandyar has the man who shot Kharjista in jail that gives him a sense of relief – and also courage to wistfully catch Zubia’s stare

He informs his colleagues (including Zubia) that justice has prevailed, and gloriously lets out an adoring smile for Zubia, who too expresses slight mitigation. It’s a quick moment, but there are plenty of tender stolen glances between both Asfandyar and Zubia, thus reinstating faith that all might just be alright – and a happy ending might avail.

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Now, what’s a ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ episode without a small snippet of shock?

We reach the crux of the entire episode when Asfandyar is sifting through an old box, where he stumbles upon an old I.D. card, belonging to none other than Zubia. It’s a wrenching moment, and while Asfandyar is in shock, what entirely is going on through his mind must be an unfathomable blur. What can be settling is Asfandyar’s heart; it really is pure honey, and this should not faze his love for Zubia.

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Fans praised Asfandyar for fighting for equity so bravely


As he paid homage to Daniyal, who would have been very proud



Many noticed the adoring stolen glances between Asfandyar and Zubia


And how sometimes silence really spoke mountains



Fans were anticipating the moment Asfandyar would realize that Zubia is the one he saved so many years ago


And while others were shipping Gaiti and Dr. Haroon, hoping for their unison



Others were ecstatic over the final scene when Asfandyar came across Zubia’s I.D. card



It was an incredibly stressful moment for many, who couldn’t fathom that the series was almost over

Many questioned Asfandyar now that he knows he was Zubia’s savior and begged to wonder if Asfandyar’s love was true or not

What are your thoughts on the second last episode?

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