If You Remember Any Of These 21 Lame Jokes, You Had An Awesome Bachpan

By Zoha | 29 Jun, 2018

For all 90’s kids, the struggle was real. The irritating sound of connecting to the internet, the struggles of internet explorer and finally the “Orkut” phase. If you had an awesome bachpan, chances are that you have heard these lame jokes and enjoyed them as well.

Here’s a list of some of the highly famous and lame jokes that will take you back to your school days. You can thank me later:

1. Kya tum kabhi sir kamar kay saath bathroom gaye ho?

A classic.

Source: True Entertainment

2. Kya tum marconi ko jantay ho?

The answer would be NO and then you would get hit by the other person’s elbow. Get it? Haha. Maar koni!

Source: 20th Century Fox Television

3. Baar baar teapot bolo


Heh. Tatti joke.

Source: Illuminati Films

4. Repeatedly sheepish bolo!


Tatti joke nahi hai, but usi vicinity main hai.

Source: Dharma Productions


5. Bolo pencil, tumhari shaadi cancel!

Another classic.

Source: Relativity Media

6. Bolo haldi, tumhari shaadi jaldi!

How shaadi obsessed were we as kids?

Source: Rajshri Productions

7. “Agar tumhara haath tumharay mu kay barabar hay to tum Jannat main jaogay.”

I dreaded this SO much when it happened to me. It’s probably my first and only thappar. Just as I placed the palm of my hand on my face, the girl in front slapped me.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

8. What do you call a man with one hair? Answer: IQBAL!

I hate to admit it, but I still tell this one sometimes when people are playing the “What Do You Call” game. It’s only the one I remember since I can’t be bothered coming up with a new one.

Source: Ten Thirteen Productions

9. Miss, maine karlia!

I’d like to call this the open-to-debate joke. Because seriously, what exactly are we talking about here? Kya karlia?

Source: Jeff Franklin Productions

10. PIA, thappar khaiye!

PIA jokes are always hilarious. But at the time this one was very famous!

Source: Home Box Office

11. Bolo T.V, Shah Rukh Khan ki bivi!

Never understood this.

Source: Chuck Lorre Productions

12. Order, order! Teri chaddi main powder! (read: poder)

Now if this doesn’t make you LOL, then what will?

Source: United Plankton Pictures

13. Dabbay main dabba, dabbay main hargosh, dadi ne aankh maari aur dada behosh!

How romantic, lol.

Source: Walt Disney Productions

14. Eid aayi hai zamanay main, Sajeer gir gayi hai ghusal khanay main!

One of our lame rhymes written on Eid cards for our frandzz.

Source: Universal Pictures

15. Eid aayi hai atak atak k, Momina chalti hai matak matak ke.

Another one of our lame eid rhymes!

Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

16. Neeli neeli roshni kamray main band hai, main kya karoon? Mujhe Mariam pasand hai.

This one makes you want to tell Mariam to say yes already!

Source: The Pokemon Company International

17. Aadhi roti, aadha kabab, ganjay ko maarna bara sawab.

Okay, that’s mean. SUUUPER OFFENSIVE. Not cool.

Source: Walt Disney Productions

18. Dur say dekha to anday ubal rahay thay, paas aa kay dekha to ganjay uchal rahay thay!

Damn, what did we have against bald people?

Source: Warner Bros

19. In pin safety pin, in pin out. khailna hai tou khelo, warna get out!

This was one of the rhymes that were used before starting a game like baraf paani, hopscotch or pithu garam.

All I’m saying is, this rhyme is definitely our current mood!

Source: 20th Century Fox Television

20. Tumnay uski shaadi main kya kiya?

Question: Tumnay uski shaadi main kya kiya?

Answer: Kiski?


Source: 20th Century Fox Television

Not sure if we were awesome, or just lame.

21. Dedo, ghuma kay lelo!

Last but not the least, let’s end with a rude joke.

Source: Sol Productions


Haanji, kya khayal hai? Relived your childhood once again, didn’t we? These lame-ass jokes were seriously the shit at that time. Hit us up in the comment section and tell us your favorite school time lame jokes!


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