Lajwanti is presenting a remarkable collection “Azal” featuring Jacqueline Fernandez to honor pre-partition craftsmanship

By MangoBaaz Studio | 31 Jan, 2023

Pioneer Pakistani fashion label, Lajwanti EST. 1995, run by Mother Daughter duo, Ana Ali & Dania Ali, has been a torchbearer in bringing to light the techniques of long forgotten hand-craft and embroidery that were rampant during the pre-partition era.

Picture of Lajwanti ceo

Fusing their own aesthetic into the mix, in order to create an independent identity for Pakistani fashion, in an attempt to not only fill the gap between the two rich in heritage countries through wearable art but also to serve as a cornerstone in tapping into a global market. Lajwanti designs are made with the utmost attention to detail, loyal to their philosophy of the “Sub-continent as never being colonized.”

Pioneer Pakistani fashion label, Lajwanti EST. 1995, run by Mother Daughter duo, Ana Ali & Dania Ali Lajwanti Pioneer Pakistani fashion label, Lajwanti EST. 1995, run by Mother Daughter duo

Never failing to reflect design novelty, and superior workmanship through their styles, Lajwanti is launching yet another exquisite collection called “Azal”( a new beginning) in collaboration with Masala UAE, featuring Bollywood superstar, Jacqueline Fernandez. Hailing originally from Sri Lanka, Jacqueline was crowned Miss Universe Sri Lanka in 2006. The luxury brand hopes to bridge the gap between two neighboring nations and open doors for further collaborations through the untearable shared sense of fashion.

For years, Lajwanti has been rediscovering and celebrating the joint legacy and shared cultures of the subcontinent decked in a vibrant plethora of design that spans across both nations and are often translated through hand-embroidery, mirror motifs, and intricate metalwork.

Lajwanti is all set to turn the tables with their latest collection ‘Azal’ which puts forward an impactful message of fusion, coexistence and reflects upon the virtues of elegant South Asian timeless designs. The narrative is to bring together the expertise of bridal couture, the restoration of pre-partition craftsmanship and building a dialogue between the two countries through wearable art.

the Luxury label, has never failed to put forth any fashion collection without a causal message

Lajwanti with Jacquline

Etheral designs in Lajwanti's Azal collection

Even after having attained Independence since 75 years, if there’s anything that cannot be challenged or erased amidst all the tensions, it is the common ethnic and contemporary fusion fashion derived by the cultural heritage of the two countries. Fashion is, perhaps, one of the softest, most intimate of shared common dreams and desires when it comes to bringing two nations together.

Through this brilliant beyond-the-border collaboration, Lajwanti aims to acquire space in an international arena to represent their hand-crafted garments seasoned with embellishments to honor unparalleled craftsmanship.

Jacquline in Azal by Lajwanti Azal by Lajwanti

CEO Ana Ali and Creative Director Dania Ali say “ To truly push borders and expand, with meaning one must start with thy neighbor, for us it was India, where our traditions, culture, and heritage are closely intertwined, where fashion follows a similar handbook, and may act as a bridge – which is why we named our collection Azal (a new beginning).”


Do not forget to check out and appreciate the timeless designs curated by Lajwanti and their latest “Azal” collection.


Cover Image Via Lajwanti

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