Oye Teri, Someone Is Selling The Lahore Qalandars PSL Team On Ebay For $1

By Kashaf | 6 Mar, 2018

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) tournament is in full swing in the UAE right now, and it has been pretty eventful. From India/Pakistan Twitter wars to PSL crushes, it’s been pretty entertaining so far.

source: Live Channel Tv/ Youtube

The Lahore Qalandars’ performance this year in the third edition of PSL has been pretty disappointing for most fans back home.

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The Lahore Qalandars have not won a single match in the 2018 PSL thus far. of the table with five losses, one each against every franchise.


Australian cricket writer, Dennis Freedman, has been covering PSL and tweeting throughout the tournament. He took his disappointment to another level and put the Lahore Qalandars PSL team up for sale on Ebay for $1.

source: @Saj_PakPassion/ Twitter

The ad states “looks like all the parts are there, but won’t run properly” along with a picture of Umar Akmal eating grapes.


The ad’s condition was stated to be “for parts or not working” and was soon taken off of Ebay.

source: @DennisCricket_ / Twitter


Cricket fans on Twitter thought that this was pretty darn hilarious.

People agreed that no one should invest any amount of money into the team

And most people agreed that even $1 was pushing it

Pretty ridiculous, but hilarious


And of course, the question everyone is wondering:




Would you buy the team for $1?


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cover image source: @Saj_PakPassion/ Twitter

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