Ladies, Here Are 11 Ways To Stay Fit And Active Without Heavy Exercise

By MangoBaaz Studio | 22 Mar, 2019

Look, guys. I’m ALL about self love. But some days, you take a look at yourself in the mirror while trying out those new fancy AF jeans you bought and yaar, you just don’t like what you see. Hota hai. Does that make you any less beautiful? Hell no. But, you do end up wondering, “Kaash main gym jaye bagair wazan kam kar sakti.” Well, ladies – I gotchu. Here are 11 easy things you can do to stay fit without crazy heavy exercise:

1. Make small tweaks in the way you eat

Look, crazy diets may work, but they’re essentially high key loco and nobody’s got time to make that kale-quinoa-avocado pulao or whatever. So I’ll save you guys the trouble. Switch out less healthy stuff that you eat with things that are better for you. For instance, incorporating whole grains into your diet could prove to be super beneficial. They are essentially complex carbohydrates that provide long lasting energy and speed up your metabolism. Another really cool thing you can do is start incorporating NESTLÉ Nesvita in your diet because because it has less than 1% fat as it’s a high calcium low fat with one 200ml pack having less than 100 calories!!

However, consuming these in moderation is key.

Source: Yash Raj Films

2. Be more mindful of your intake

Netflix-and-chill has faded out into Netflix-and-eat-my-sorrows-away – which is fine. Sis, you do you. But it wouldn’t hurt to know what you’re eating, how many calories it has and whether or not it’s processed. Basically, that nutritional information chart we all choose to ignore? Yep, we should probably look at that once or twice.

Via Tenor

3. Consume food that boosts your metabolism

Hear me out. I’m not asking you to not have cheat days or cheat meals. Or make drastic changes. No, start small. Incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet. Especially when you’re sitting farigh and want to snack on something, simply by virtue of boredom.

Source: Tumblr

4. Incorporate mini-workouts in your everyday routine

Watching TV? Do some squats. On the phone? Speaker pe rakho and do some jumping jacks. Got some time to kill before a meeting? Leg raises karlo. Basically, instead of dedicating an hour to an intense workout, which can be tough, work out in bits during the course of the day.

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5. Consume Nesvita after walks/exercise

Consuming Nesvita after workouts will make your bones stronger. I mean, we all know milk is hella great for us, right? So why do we ignore it? Drink up, thank me later.

Via @javyriah / instagram

Nesvita’s new recipe called Move+ has added calcium and Vitamin D along with a bunch of other nutrients! This new recipe, not only helps you keep your bones strong but also strengthens your joints which is essential for constant movement that an active lifestyle requires.


6. Spice things up

Life hack: spicy food directly boosts metabolism and circulation. AND it reduces hunger pangs and overall cravings. Also, you somehow poop better. But that could just be a me-thing. So, amp up the spice. Channel your inner desi to the max.

Source: Lloyd-Levitan Productions / Modern Family


7. Load up on dry fruit and nuts to kill your cravings

Aik mutthi everyday will keep you satiated and kill all the monstrous cravings!


8. Green tea should be your  best friend.  

It significantly boosts metabolism and is super healthy. Minus the sugar, of course. Add a hint of lemon and you’re good to go.


9. Walk as much as you can

Walk when you’re talking on the phone. Pace around the room the next time Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp crash altogether. Just keep moving all the time. Trust me, it helps.



10. Load up on water

Water is a lifesaver. It does so much, yet asks for so little. Dehydrated? Have water. Hungry? Have water. Bad skin? Sis, just go have water. Water is there for you, water cares.

So, water you waiting for? (Heh, get it?) Jao paani peeyo.

11. Never skip breakfast

I feel like a damn hypocrite typing this out, knowing fully well that I skip breakfast every day, but listen – it’s an important meal. Please love yourself enough to not skip it. I’ll try too, pakka.


There you have it. You’re welcome. Since minimal-effort-with-a-great-result is my preferred method of, well, existing, I hope this helps you guys out as much as it helped me. Let ya girl know if it works.


This post was sponsored by NESTLÉ Nesvita.

Cover image via @sairoz/Instagram

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