This Is The Real Story Of Laddan Jaffery As Told By His Own Grandson

By Rameeza Ahmad | 26 Sep, 2018

Laddan Jaffery has become a meme but did you know the real story?


The month of Muharram is considered holy for all Muslims but even more so for the Shia sect.

Of course within this month, videos of Shia scholars delivering lectures on the events of Karbala start circulating on the internet. Among all of these videos, videos of Allama Zameer Akhtar Naqvi were unearthed where he was making some outrageous claims and sharing stories that people on the internet started making fun of.

Source: Mohsin Raza/Reuters

The first video which went viral was the one where he spoke about Nepali men who die and then come back to life as good as new in the evening.


Allama Zameer Akhtar Naqvi became famous after the viral video where he told the story of Laddan Jaffery

In the video, Allama Zameer Akhtar dramatically tells a story about a man who was brought back to life in Karbala after he had died. People took the video and started making fun of it because well, the tone for finding Zameer Akhtar ridiculous had already been set and all his videos were fair game.

Laddan Jaffery story allama zameer
Source: Allama Syed Zameer Akhtar Naqvi / Facebook


However, people didn’t realize that Laddan Jaffery was very much a REAL person and this is his story

When everyone was making fun of the story they didn’t realize they were indirectly poking fun at an actual person who has passed away in 2011. And his family took offence.

His grandson Murtaza Abbas Jafri, however, wanted to set the record straight and tell people how their jokes were not harmless and were actually hurting the image of his late grandfather which he and his family did not appreciate. Laddan Jaffery who’s real name was Syed Ghulam-e-Abbas Jafri, was an actual person. He was born in 1920 in a small city called Amroha in India. The story goes that his mother who was unable to conceive for several years before his birth took Laddan Jafri to Karbala in 1923 so she could pray for his long life. Over there, Laddan Jaffery fell and broke his teeth which might have choked him and resulted in him dying.

Later that night he woke up and was alive and well. The family isn’t sure if it was actually a miracle or if he was just wrongfully pronounced dead in the first place. But they do not appreciate the retelling of the story by Allama Zameer Akhtar since it made people laugh at the event itself and thus indirectly at Laddan Jaffery which the family cannot bear.

Source: Murtaza Abbas Jafri via

Considering Laddan Jaffery had served in two wars in his lifetime and the fact that this video is what is being circulated about his legacy is unfair to not only him but his family as well. I think it’s time we became more conscientious about what we shared on the internet. What might seem like a harmless joke to you might be deeply offensive to someone else.

What are your thoughts about this entire event? Let us know in the comments!


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