We Asked Pakistanis About Their Irrational Fears And The Answers Will Make You Go, “OMG, SAME”

By Haadia Paracha | 7 Jun, 2017

What are some of your irrational fears?


“I have to convince myself to sit on the toilet seat for like ten minutes because I think a lizard will crawl up my anus.”

From seeti wala baba to the dopehar wali khoti, we’ve been conditioned to be afraid of the various “boogeymen” since childhood. When all grown up, your fears transform into everyday life scenarios with a twist of sci-fi and Hollywood. While some fears are  rooted in reality, the rest make absolutely NO SENSE. We asked friends and co-workers to talk about all of their irrational fears. Here’s one:


You think these irrational fears are messed up? There’s more to follow:

1. “When I’m alone and everything is locked. I feel like someone is watching me.”

2. “I sleep with a hammer/butcher knife under my bed.”

3. “Can’t shower without my back turned towards the wall.”

4. “Can’t use the bathroom without constantly looking at the window hoping to find someone looking at me.”


5. I have one of the most weird irrational fears of somehow waking up inside a coffin. God, I hate narrow spaces!

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6. “Burka wearing ladies with loads of kids on bike. Burka flapping behind, just waiting to tangle in the tire.”

7. “Lizard falling on me or the bed.”

8. “Every time I wash my face at night, I’m afraid that I’ll open my eyes and there will be some kind of a churail behind me in the mirror.”

9. “I have to convince myself to sit on the toilet seat for like ten minutes because I think a lizard will crawl up my anus.”

10.  Lizard going in my mouth while I’m asleep.

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11. “I always sleep on my right side because I think sleeping on the left would add extra pressure to my heart.”

12. “Whenever I have ice-cream, I feel like all of my teeth would fall off, all at once.”

13. “Whenever I enter the highway/freeway, I think of GTA car crash sequence where there’s cars just colliding with one another. And then, I also picture myself dead.”

14. “I think spiders will lay eggs in my ear and they will breed in my body. Then, there’s going to be a massive leg coming out of my stomach like in the infamous ‘Alien’ movie.”


15. Pankha falling from the ceiling and chopping me into a million pieces.


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16. “I can’t have airplane food because I feel like I’ll pass out and someone will throw me out the emergency exit door.”

17. “Every time I get on a Ferris wheel or a Pirate Ship, I imagine all the bolts coming out and the ride breaking down.”

18. “Encountering a shark even if I’m barely two feet into the sea.”

19. “Imagining being possessed at random times.”


20. Killer clowns breaking into my house and slaughtering everyone is one of my top irrational fears.

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21. “Being robbed at gunpoint, giving up all my belongings and yet, still getting shot.”

22. “I’ve always feared being out in a car and all of a sudden, water started gushing in from everywhere and like, full ‘Day After Tomorrow’ type Tsunami/flood scene.”

23. “Twisting or breaking my leg while running down the stairs.”

24. “I can’t take pills alone. Someone has to be there so if I choke, they can save me or like, someone knows I’m dead.”


25.  My irrational fears are many but the top one is about the never ending concept of after-life. Forever? What does forever even mean? There will be NO END to it? What will we do FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER?

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Do you have any irrational fears to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.



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