Kubra Khan Allegedly Replaced Sanam Baloch In “Alif” And People Are Seriously PISSED

By Iman Zia | 12 Oct, 2018

Upcoming drama ‘Alif’ has been garnering tremendous confusion around its final cast. While initially Hamza Ali Abbasi, Sajal Aly, and Kubra Khan were roped in for the highly anticipated Six Sigma production, rumors surfaced that Sanam Baloch had replaced Kubra as Husn E Jahaan.

In a recent interview, Kubra stated she was no longer a part of ‘Alif’ because of conflicting schedules

Kubra stepped away from the project, and rumors surfaced that Sanam Baloch had replaced her; Sajal Aly had also posted a picture of Sanam dressed as Husn E Jahaan (the post that has since then been removed). However, producer Sana Shahnawaz told publication ‘Something Haute’ that “Kubra was always the first choice for the role and that Sanam never signed for the project.” (Source).

Source: @thesanambaloch/Instagram

Sanam was only asked to do a screen test and “was in discussions but it didn’t work out”…

Via Tumblr


Confusion erupted last night after Kubra’s look for ‘Alif’ was unveiled on social media

Kubra’s schedule was cleared, and she was brought back in for ‘Alif.’


And fans haven’t taken this lightly, condemning Kubra replacing Sanam

Instagram users debated Kubra’s acting, suggesting Sanam to be more experienced and thus more suited for the role




Many were still confused over the casting mishap as they were under the impression that Kubra was no longer a part of ‘Alif’




With a few denouncing the actions of the producer


The overall consensus was the despair over Sanam not being roped in for the project







What are your thoughts on this confusion? Should Kubra have been brought back after her schedule cleared?



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