Knorr Noodles Just Got Even More Exciting With Its Cheesy New Flavor & Everyone's Loving It

By MangoBaaz Studio | 19 Feb, 2021

Knorr Noodles just introduced a cheesy new excitement in our lives

The word ‘noodles’ brings about a brimming pot of memories from the good old times of our bachpan when Knorr Noodles used to be the highlight of our lunches and a staple on all the color day school parties of our childhoods…While those childhood memories definitely faded away, our love for Knorr has remained constant.

Who hasn’t experimented with their Knorr Noodles recipes?  Whether it’s adding cheese to enrich the flavor or adding extra spices for the perfect ‘ting’, These experiments always seemed nothing short of an adventure. Although as fun as it was, on some lazy and tiring days all we wished for was an easy and quick answer to our cravings.


Much to our delight, Knorr Noodles introduced a new flavor that’s just the answer we were looking for to satisfy our cravings

The question ‘Kyun noodles me cheese nahe?!?!’ hit right at home because WHY NOT? Knorr really outdid themselves by bringing forward the perfect snack flavor – cheese, because who doesn’t love cheese?


Also, the super cool Chez has us feeling very uncool in comparison

Just look at how adorable and cool this cheese-y hero looks!!! We could never…

Source: Knorr Noodles/YouTube


Thanks to Knorr Noodles, Pakistani social media is abuzz with excitement

Pakistani influencers sure have been stirring the pot of conversation around the new Cheesy Chatt Patta Noodles and we now know why

Source: @sarahchaudhary_ /Instagram


From the looks of it, Cheesy Chatt Patta noodles really know how to brighten up anyone’s mood.

Source: @tashfeen97 / Instagram


…The hype is real!

Source: @hunainarasool / Instagram


Of course, our favorite pawri girl Dananeer has also shared her love for her go-to food for snack time

For real, we don’t even know how we used to snack without cheesy Knorr before they were even invented.

Source: @dananeerr / Instagram


The flavor really is contagious because we have been seeing it everywhere

Source: @ak02k / Instagram

…It sure is picking up!

Source: @duaamjad / Instagram

…for real!

Source: @ekraali / Instagram


Our favorite people talking about Knorr’s Cheesy ChattPatta Noodle flavor has us super intrigued so we’re definitely heading out to get our packs, what about you?

Source: @_exploringsisters_ / Instagram

It definitely doesn’t get better than this…So Cheesy!

Source: @aqsaaamirb / Instagram

…and Chatt Patta!!!

Source: @ridamirza_ / Instagram

We are super intrigued and EAGER to try out Knorr’s Cheesy Chatt Patta Noodles flavor ASAP. Have you tried it yet?


Check out the super cool Chez and get as excited for the new Knorr Noodles as we are right here:


Cover image: @knorrnoodles via Instagram / @dananeerr via Instagram

This post has been sponsored by Knorr Noodles

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