Jon Snow And Ygritte From “Game Of Thrones” Just Got Married And It Was Better Than The Red Wedding

By Arslan Athar | 24 Jun, 2018

We were introduced to them as John Snow and Ygritte. While the on-screen chemistry was lit, the off-screen romance began. Fast forward a few years, and here we have it, Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie have finally gotten married.

Diehard GoT fans were ecstatic at the news of the couple getting engaged, and anticipation for their big day had been building for a while. Finally, everyone got the visual they were waiting for.

So there is a happily ever after on #GOT after all✨💘💍

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The couple chose to get married in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The wedding took place at Wardhill Castle, which belongs to Rose Leslie’s family. Kothi mein shaadi ho tou aisa 

Needless to say, the guest list was star-studded. Arya and Sansa, uh I mean, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams made a bold entrance 

Loving the ‘on-trend’ sassy sunglasses Sophie!

Emilia Clarke looked absolutely adorable in her pink ensemble. 

(cue dragon jokes)

Peter Dinklage that there too! 

Then came the groom. Just look at sajan ji, oh so happy 

Kit Harrington definitely made a dashing groom!

Rose made a stunning entrance. It seemed like nothing could wipe that smile off her face. 

There are no pictures of the actual ceremony (yet), however, there is this rather fuzzy video of the happy couple leaving the venue. 

Ah, the sound of bagpipes is pretty soothing

There are a few photos of the newlywed couple before they got rice thrown at them

Kit Harington ve Rose Leslie düğününden. Mutluluklar 🎉 #kitharrington #roseleslie

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*Don’t mind us, we’re just strolling*

Then came the picture that has quickly become the internet’s favorite 

Just look at them! Makes you believe in true love, doesn’t it?

Gotta love the Jeep and how they got it decorated!

May the happy couple have a beautiful marriage ahead! We wish them all the best 🙂 It will take us a few days to get over the cuteness of these photos.

What did you think of the wedding? Let us know in the comments 🙂


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