11 Annoying AF Things Every Kinnaird College Student Is Extremely Tired Of Hearing

By Zainab Ali | 23 Jun, 2018

Being a Kinnaird student is definitely not a walk in the park. Some universities don’t take you seriously. Others are just astonished at the fact that it’s all-girls. The other day a student from another university said to me: “It’s the 21st century, why is Kinnaird still an all-girls college?” Now we all know, if a KC-ite said this, we wouldn’t be annoyed at all, but koi bahir ka bolta hai, tou annoy tou karta haina. 

So, here are 11 more things that KC-ites are exhausted of hearing:


1. Isn’t it weird to go to an all-girls college?

Honestly, it really isn’t.

Source: Dharma Productions

2. College hai ya University?

No one will ever know.

Via Tumblr

3. I heard girls just focus on their hair and makeup 

Yes, you’re 110% correct. No studying whatsoever.


Source: Yash Raj Films

4. Aadhi say zada tou dates maarnay jaati hain 

OMG, our secret is out!!!

Source: Dharma Productions

5. You guys barely invite other universities over

True, I’ll give you that.

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6. Lesbian ho?

You’d be shocked by how many times I’ve had to answer that one.

Source: HUM Television Network

7. Ahad Raza Mir becharay ko tou daba hi dia tha

Raat gayi, baat gayi

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8. The sporty girls just look like guys 


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9. How do you even manage there without boys?

Aur bhi dukh hain zamanay mein, larkoun kay ilawa

Source: Oriental Films

10. Koi behter university mein kyun nai gaye?

*Begins listing a bunch of things that Kinnaird is amazing at.*

Source: HUM TV

 11. Wait, so no boys?  

*Starts screaming*

Source: CityTV

There you have it, folks. Do you have any more things to add to this post? Let us know in the comments below.


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