Everyone Agrees That Kim Kardashian's Halloween Costume Looks SO Freakin Desi

By Iman Zia | 30 Oct, 2017

There’s no one beating Kim Kardashian when it comes Halloween costumes. The reality star really does go all out when it comes to reliving the part of a famous well-known celebrity or character. The spookiest night of the year never goes by unnoticed by her, who relishes in seizing the crown for Best Halloween costume time and time again.


Last year, the reality star embodied Jasmine from ‘Aladdin’

Source: kimkardashianwest.com


And dressed up her little munchkins too

Source: kimkardashianwest.com


With North as mini Jasmine and Saint as mini Aladdin

Source: kimkardashianwest.com

This year, Kim’s so far dressed up as two different celebrities, reinventing iconic couples like Madonna with Michael Jackson

Source: Getty Images


With both sisters recreating the celebrated duo rather perfectly

Source: dailymail.co.uk

She also dressed up as Cher with best friend Jonathon

Source: Getty Images


…Recreating Sonny and Cher’s legendary look at the Academy Awards in 1973

Source: WireImage


The look garnered tremendous love, with Cher herself applauding the spot on resemblance…and it also was quite the conversation starter within Desi Twitter too


Another video posted by Kim had her and pal Jonathon frolicking around in their costumes with Cher’s iconic song  ‘Believe’


And when someone retweeted the video and captioned it with ‘Why does Kim look like her name’s Simran,’ it had all of Desi Twitter in a riot

‘Simran’ is in reference to Kajol’s iconic role of the same name on cult Bollywood film ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge,’ starring Shah Rukh Khan as her opposite lead.


The tweet gained a lot of attraction, with many applauding the ‘Simran’ reference


Many thought Kim stepped right out from a Karan Johar film

Others couldn’t stop laughing and couldn’t respond




With many at a loss for words


And a few lauding the perfect caption


A few took this opportune to politically correct the name ‘Simran’ for those who didn’t know


We honestly think Kim looked incredibly desi! What are your thoughts?

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