Literally Every Pakistani Celebrity Was At This ‘Rich People Party' Yesterday And We’re Super Jealous

By Arslan Athar | 21 Jan, 2019

If there’s one thing you need to do on a Sunday, it needs to be going to brunch. Meeting all friends after a long, stressful week, kicking back and just soaking up some gossip and much-needed BFF-time. Yesterday, every famous person in Pakistan was at a brunch for the ‘Kidney Centre’ and well, this brunch has officially changed the definition of what a brunch can be.

Everything a celebrity touches instantly becomes so much more stylish and extra, and this brunch was no exception.

‘The Kidney Centre Brunch’ is an annual brunch which is graced by the movers and shakers of the Pakistani entertainment and fashion world. It has always been a fancy, high-brow affair lekin iss saal tou hadd hi hogayi.  Everything from the decor, to the fashion, was over the top, but not in a horrible way.


There are too many good looks in one photo.


Also, Amna, loving the coat action! So, so fashion. 


Director extraordinaire, Asim Raza was in attendance with his wife. 


The event was made just a little more fashionable with ace designers, Kamiar Rokni and Munib Nawaz.


As well as designers Wardha Saleem and Nubain Ali. 


Nice sunglasses, Feroze. We see you boy.


This event was very clearly very out of our ‘aukaat’. 

So many brands in one frame.


Just look at all the casual name-dropping. 


Ye Yasir Hussain har photo mein hai kya?


No event is complete without a political presence. 


The theme seems to be very ‘boat party’ or ‘party by the beach’. 

Karachi does have a beach, after all.


Any speculation on the theme is just that; it’s speculation, because how would we plebs know?


And what could such a party be without some dancing? 


This. Is. Just. So. Fancy.

Men in white blazers, women in dresses and sunglasses galore.


This year’s ‘Kidney Centre Brunch’ was no different in the level of fancy and glamour. Our feelings are mixed when we see these pictures- there is a degree of awe and wonder and also a feeling of ‘this is too fancy for me’.

What do you think of the brunch and all the fancy guests? 

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Cover Photo Courtesy: @divamagazinepakistan / Instagram

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