Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government Just Withdrew Notification Making Abaya Mandatory And Everyone's Loving This U-Turn

By Sana Yasmeen | 17 Sep, 2019

The notification making abaya mandatory for school girls was disgusting for taking away their choice

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had recently come under a lot of fire for making a mandatory order for putting school girls in abayas so they could protect themselves from any “unethical incident” that they may suffer because of animals who can’t control their perverted urges.


The letter making abaya mandatory for school girls in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was issued by the District Education Officers all over the province yesterday

On September 16th, a letter concerning the dress code of the female student population of middle, higher and higher secondary  institutions  was issued by the District Education Office Peshawar. As per the instructions within the letter, the female students were obligated to wear either a “gown/abaya” or to use a “chaddar” to veil themselves. This was supposed top have been taken to protect the students from any kind of negative or unethical actions. This matter was given utmost urgency.

Source: @voadeewa / Twitter


The silly notification making abaya mandatory for school girls obviously met with severe public outcry

People were enraged at such a decision made by the government officials. They believed it was an absurd decision and even question the “democratic” basis of the government.


People also ridiculed the government for promoting the culture of victim blaming and clearly were pissed off at the wrong decision taken for the supposed “protection” against unethical actions.


It also came to public’s notice that the dress code issued wasn’t just concerning the female students of Haripur but for all the female students of KP

It didn’t take long for a U-turn to be announced regarding the prior decision…and WHAT?


Hearing the backlash the Government of KP has decided to take back the notification making abaya mandatory because it’s a choice

Soon after the outrage of general public, The PTI government issued a cancellation of the letter.


People, although, glad had a lot of questions regarding the ambiguities in PTI’s policy making and decision and implementing skills

Given that it seems that no one properly scrutinized this decision before it was hastily implemented and the Government took it back after public outcry, people questioned their competence.


Of course, everyone was weighing in about government’s weak decision making policies.


And jokes about another “U-turn” started pouring in…

Aren’t these U-turns “forever”?


Some voters were clearly too disappointed because their vote wasn’t so PTI could just take U-turns


Finally, there were those who wanted to complete eliminate the culture of victim blaming instead of making stupid decisions like making abaya mandatory

People just couldn’t take the victim blaming culture anymore and they made sure to speak up against it.

What are your thoughts on the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa taking back its notification making abaya mandatory for school girls across the province? Sound off in the comments below.


District Education Officer In Haripur Just Made Abaya Mandatory For Young Girls And Everyone’s Pissed

PM Imran Khan Said He’s Glad To Be A PM Of U-Turns And People Can’t Handle It




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