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Khalid Malik Introduced The Person Who Will Be Replacing Him And It’s Not A Bad Idea, At All

Khalid Malik Introduced The Person Who Will Be Replacing Him And It’s Not A Bad Idea, At All

We were all teary eyed and cracking voices when we heard Khalid Malik’s farewell speech last week.

“I often get asked: how do you stay so chirpy and get up so early for however many years and the honest answer is YOU. You make my experience here enjoyable and it feels sometimes that you and I have made this show happen. And I feel like I’ve grown up with you as you have, too. And as you know, as you grow, you feel the need to explore new horizons because that is a part of growing up. And, at times, you need to make some tough decisions.”


His chirpy voice was quivering and breaking off as he announced the imminent end of his decade-long career at City FM 89 hosting “The Breakfast Show”

Source: Khalid Malik Official Via: Facebook

The show has gained massive fandom and rapport because of the trivia, giveaways, hosting celebrities, catchy playlist and the very, very popular birthday song series. Which is why his departure from the show was an emotional roller coaster.


Now, he’s officially announced his successor and we’ve been told it’s none other than the internationally acclaimed Pakistani comedian, actor and writer Saad Haroon.

Source: @Saad_Haroon Via: Twitter

Saad is a stand-up comedian and a master of improv comedy. He will be taking on the role starting Monday, the 13th of February, five days a week and three hours a day.

The comedian has pioneered in hosting Pakistan’s first ever English-language comedy show, performed in improv shows as part of a local troupe and won the funniest person in the world award based on popular vote by the Laugh Factory. So it’s safe to say that there will be lots to look forward to as far as humor is concerned.


People on social media seem to be satisfied with the apt replacement:


Here’s their uber cute video of the announcement:


Saad Haroon himself is fairly excited but acknowledges that it won’t be an easy task.

As for Khalid, it goes without saying: We’ll definitely miss you.


We’ll miss you for sure, Khalid!

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