Khalid Malik Opening Up About His Battle With Depression Is A Heartbreaking Lesson For Us All

By Maliha Khan | 6 Sep, 2018

Khalid Malik is an actor, comedian, host, and overall entertainer. He is known for his radio show, his funny dialogue, and simply his presence can pretty much brighten up anyone’s day. His smile lights up any room and people look up to his energy and enthusiasm.


Recently, he came out with a video on his Facebook page discussing his battle with depression.

Khalid Malik started off with a tribute to Anam Tanoli, a young model that took her own life due to her personal struggles with depression and anxiety. Malik discusses how it is vital for people to share their experiences.

His first brush with depression took place in the form of an anxiety attack years ago during a meeting.

He felt as though his heart would pop out of his chest and he felt frozen. To treat his anxiety, he was put on anti-depressants and muscle relaxers. He soon realized he wanted to face depression without having to use drugs. Malik wanted to do it all on his own.


Depression, according to him, is like feeling your heart sink all the way down to your stomach. It feels like you cannot move, or do not want to move. Feeling stuck is normal.

If you have gone through depression or continue to struggle with it, this statement is very relatable.

Feeling like the energy has been sucked out of you and that you can do no better. Like you will always remain in the position you are in right now, and that things cannot get better. It is not only a feeling but a mental state of being as well. At the end of the day, depression starts in the mind and travels to the rest of the body. It hinders thought, activity, and so many other daily mundane things.

He then explains why depression takes place and talks about the reasons behind his anxiety attacks and depression.

The main thing he blames for his depression is the thought that you are not enough. The thought that you are lacking in one or more departments. Whether you feel like you can be a better partner, parent, child, friend, etc., this toxic cycle is never ending with people that believe in the fact that they truly are not enough.


Other factors include relationships, jobs, finances, other stressful events, and much more.

People deal with these struggles on a regular basis, some fall more under the pressure of them and feel as though they cannot conquer them, while others face them head-on. This is the prime reason many people cannot grasp the idea that depression is a real thing and it truly impacts the life of the individual going through it.

He hopes more people share their stories and suggests people take the following three initiatives to make it easier to deal with depression.

The first being TALK! Share your struggle, whether it is with a friend or therapist.

He suggests not talking to your family since it can get tricky, which is something I can resonate with. In our society, issues like these are downplayed and not given much attention. With that being so relevant, most family members will not be able to understand or might not want to understand a person’s feelings and emotions. He also suggests writing events down if no one is available to listen or if an individual does not feel comfortable speaking to another human being.

The second being – look around you. Gather information on what type of people you surround yourself with.

Do those people make you feel happy and good about yourself, or do they bring you down and contribute to your depressed and anxious thoughts? If they do the later, then remove them from your life ASAP.

The third being – become a part of something bigger than you.

Whether that means joining a sport, a book club, a social club, or just getting out and socializing, it is a good way to feel good about yourself. Everyone wants to fit in and feel loved and important, this is the best way to achieve that.


As Khalid Malik begins to end his video, he mentions something very important to keep in mind.

People that deal with depression have felt low and helpless, they know what it feels like to have ambition and passion but not being able to achieve it. He says depression is a continuous struggle, it does not just go away. It is like exiting one dark space and entering another, but this time you are prepared. You have the tools and resources to tackle depression better than the last time.

This was one of the most powerful messages in his video because often times if a person seems happy and content with life it is assumed they no longer struggle with anxiety and depression. That is not true, 9/10 times depression comes and goes. Sometimes it hits a lot harder, but for the most part, people that struggle with it continue to do so, but it may be in different dosages.

He ends the video by urging people to ask others this simple question, “How are you doing?”

This question might be able to save lives and put people in a better mental state. This question may not be able to single-handedly eliminate depression, but it can help people deal with it better. Support and positive people are so important to keep around you when you are dealing with such pressure.


You can watch the entire message in the video below.

I have been depressed and it needs to be addressed today

Gepostet von Khalid Malik am Dienstag, 4. September 2018

As a society raising awareness on a topic that is hidden under the covers is so important. Many celebrities have some come out with their own stories and others have brought up the idea of talking about it.

The initiative is much-needed and we need to keep it going. Ask for help and offer to help when you see a person that might be going through a tough time. A few words could mean the world.

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