Justin Trudeau Wished Muslims Ramazan Mubarak And We're Like Khair Mubarak, Cutie

By Hurmat Riaz | 27 May, 2017

Justin Trudeau is that one politician around the whole who has made home in everyone’s heart. His efforts towards a peaceful and more tolerant world are truly commendable. Whether it’s welcoming Syrian immigrants with open arms or building a fort at his office so a little girl can be president for a day, Trudeau is one helluva man. A couple of days ago, the Canadian post decided to issue an Eid Mubarak postage stamp and we were overjoyed. This time around,  Mr. Trudeau is wishing Muslims around the world a Happy Ramazan and we’re like, khair mubarak cutie.


In the beginning of the video, Mr. Trudeau goes like, ‘Assalam O Alaikum

and we are like, ‘Wa alikum salam, ao ji.

Then he explains the significance behind the Holy Month that how much important it is to share generously throughout this month.

He also appreciates the efforts of Muslim Canadians that they put into making Canada stronger each day.

At the end, he wishes us all a Happy Ramazan on the behalf of her wife and whole family ^_^

Source: chatelaine.com

Dawwww, mashaAllah jazakAllah khair.


Watch the whole video here and make your heart warm :’)


Apart from Canadian Prime Minister, your childhood pals from Sesame Street are also wishing you a Happy Ramazan.

Source: Seasme Street / Facebook

And everyone’s all time favorite Brazilian writer of Alchemist, Paulo Coelho is also wishing you a blessed and peaceful Ramazan

May peace prevail, may mutual understanding become a reality,may we get rid of prejudices, and to my Muslim friends – may you have a blessed Ramadan

Posted by Paulo Coelho on Freitag, 26. Mai 2017

Oh and since Ramazan is about having a great will power, DC comics wishes you as well!

We at MangoBaaz, wish you all a Happy Ramazan as well with all the pakoras and kachoris 😀

May the blessings of #Ramazan be upon you. ? #ramadankareem #ramadan

A post shared by MangoBaaz (@mangobaaz) on


Ramazan Kareem everybody!


Cover Image via: elle.com

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