Khaas Women Making Strides By Relentlessly Being Themselves

By Shanzeh Jalali | 10 Oct, 2022

We endorse the idea of women excelling. Here are 6 khaas women who, in our opinion, are already making strides and will continue to do so.

What Makes One Khaas?

To know if one is special, you need to see what their intentions are. These women are unapologetically being themselves to the fullest and there is no greater warmth to our hearts than to see them thrive. 

Achieving dreams, and goals, and pursuing their passion while being an idol to many is a job they are doing with ease.


Here are six of our khaas women who we think are hazaron mei aik


1. Javeria Raheel

A photographer, YouTuber, model, art student, and entrepreneur, is there anything this 22-year-old cannot do? We don’t think so. @javeriaraheel_  is a Karachi resident who inspires young people on a daily basis. It is easy for one to look at a person in current times and assume they have always been this confident when in reality it has taken them years’ worth of patience. Javeria is the epitome of grace and confidence. It is not every day you meet a person so welcoming. Her photography skills (@javeriaaraheel) are beyond phenomenal. Her work mostly consists of portraits and fashion photography. Raheel has been and will undoubtedly continue to be an inspiration for countless others.


2. Baemisaal

@baemisaal translates to “incomparable” in English, and true to its meaning, there is no other like her. Bihamaal has made everything she touches baemisaal. Art direction, make-up, jewelry store, art, illustrating, amazing tattoos (we are HUGE fans of them), ever-changing nails, and being an absolute badass; Baemisaal makes her career look effortless. Her imaginative characteristics are one of a kind, and from time to time we have a glimpse of them in her personalized makeup looks. The kindness Bae holds within her is something we believe everyone should idealize.

You can find more of Bihamaal’s work on @baemisaalbybae @baemisaalart


3. Fatima Hasan

If you’re talking about people who are special, you cannot leave Fatima out of it. @fatimahasanofficial is a girl from Lahore who’s shining brighter than most of us. Being differently-abled has never stopped her from doing what she wants. “Excuses upset me”,  Fatima Hasan, who lost her voice and posture at the age of 10 but is now a bright, vibrant lady who is bringing so much happiness to those who surround her, advises others to “just do it” if they have the ambition to achieve anything. Fatima is living proof of the concept that those with impairments do not require your assistance; rather, what they deserve is a setting that encourages them to live up to their potential.


4. Marsha Rehan

@marsharehan is an up-and-coming fashion student who aspires to change the world through fashion. Talking about body positivity, raising awareness through personal experiences, and overall being her authentic self in front of the camera, Marsha has the ability to acquire the love of people wherever she goes. Although still in her teens, Marsha speaks up openly and in a sanguine manner. Her words of affirmation towards herself and towards others make her one of the people we look up to.


5. Ayesha Chundrigar

source via Instagram @ayesha.chundrigar

The mother of 700+ stray animals, @ayesha.chundrigar, founded @acfanimalrescueofficial, which is the home of dogs, cats, donkeys, and even monkeys who have been beaten down by society. The organization has launched some absolutely charming items for sale, such as t-shirts, mugs, and calendars showing their stray animals, to raise donations. The shelter has dabbled with unique ways to promote the news about its work and keep the non-profit functioning. Their day-to-day stories on Instagram are awe-inspiring for all of humanity.


6. Baekartoot

Zainab Tariq formally known as @baekartoot is winning hearts all around the globe. Her main goal is to raise attention to the issues in society and make changes to make it a better place for people to live in. We could identify with Zainab’s content because of the creativity and novelty she poured into her videos. The degree of openness that Baekartoot’s material displays regarding these challenges are what distinguishes it from other content. She also underlines a variety of social concerns that are prevalent but sometimes disregarded, such as the devaluation of women, low self-esteem, toxicity, and other problems that we deal with every day.

cover image via @javeriaraheel_  @baemisaal @ayesha.chundrigar

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