Kareena Kapoor Is Totally A Hot Mama On Vacation And Like, Why Do We Even Try

By Arslan Athar | 4 Sep, 2018

Kareena Kapoor is known for her amazing looks and fierce pose game. Bebo’s reputation for continuously looking on point has been a constant for as long as we’ve known her as a public figure. She’s made a name for herself in Bollywood and has left her mark on the world of fashion with her on-trend outfits and looks.

Bebo recently walked at the Lakme fashion week and redefined flawlessness

Source: Hindustan Times

Actually, scratch that, she was flawless AF when she wowed the world when she modeled with her baby bump. 

Now that was a MOMENT

Source: Pinkvilla

Outside the spotlight of the international press, Kareena was proven to be equally breathtaking in her candid moments 

Source: Hindustan Times

Kareena should officially become a synonym for the word ‘flawless’ 

Via IBT India

Honestly, she should all stop trying

Via Hindustan Times

Bebo, kaisay kar leti hai aap 

Source: IBT India

These latest pictures for a family vacation in the Maldives prove that she has still got it 

This right here, this is couple goals. 

Also, this pink bikini is such a fashion moment. WE. ARE. HERE. FOR. IT.

Wall of fame 😎 ✌️ @discoversoneva #discoversoneva

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Time will go on, but her look, and strong pose game will never change

Her all natural look is just absolutely amazing 

Especially when she is around Baby Taimur 

Colour me happy!! #playdate #DEN @discoversoneva #discoversoneva

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Honestly, Kareena Kapoor is just too flawless for all of us and we can never beat her at that game. Like EVER.

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