15 Times You Didn't Realize Karachi Could Make You Go “Oh!”

By Alia Eva | 19 Jan, 2017

Living in Karachi is fast-paced, you don’t really think and look at the sky enough. Lucky for you, we have a few breath-taking shots of the times Karachi skies were canvases painted by God.


1. The time Karachi skies showed you how gray and orange tones can go together.

Better than we could ever have imagined.

Source: Alia Eva


2. When dark clouds appeared to be engulfing the Sun reminding you of  how beautiful this couplet by William Blake is:

‘The sky is an immortal tent built by the Sons of Los’

Source: Alia Eva


3. When the sky decided to compliment the sea port by turning into classic strokes of gray clouds with a Sun perfectly popping out

Source: Alia Eva


4. When we were all taken aback by the purple hues that decided to take the sky game to the absolute next level

Source: Alia Eva


5. When broken clouds and classic blue sky gave you the perfect evening time to read a book with chai by your side

Source: Alia Eva


6. When only Velimir Khlebnikov’s words could explain how this view felt:

‘A sea of heaven love has capsized
Someone’s sail in the round-blue water,
But the first storm is hopeless and gone
And from now on the journey is spring.’

Source: Alia Eva


7. When you had to hold your breath to take in this view

Source: Alia Eva


8. The time it rained in Karachi and if that wasn’t a blessing enough; this view was all we needed to make it a perfect day

Source: Alia Eva


9. That time you realized that the words “fiercely beautiful” could be appropriately used for skies

Source: Amna Siddiqui


10. When you realized that the fast life doesn’t give you time to gaze at stars reminding this important lesson by Marcus Aurelius:

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”

Source: Amna Siddiqui


11. “We are angrier with the sky than with our actions.”

Even in rage the sky is a masterpiece on its own.

Source: Amna Siddiqui



Source: Amna Siddiqui


13. When this view reminded you of that ex you never had

‘And in the trembling blue-green of the sky
A moon, worn as if it had been a shell
Washed by time’s waters as they rose and fell
About the stars and broke in days and years.’ –Yeats

Source: Amna Siddiqui


14. When this view felt like a shot out of some movie but it was somehow fascinatingly real

Source: Amna Siddiqui


15. That time we realized that even without the flare and colours Karachi skies are a sight for sore eyes

Source: Amna Siddiqui


Oh, Karachi.

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