Karachi Is Sinking Thanks To Kyarr And It Hasn't Even Started Raining Yet

By Sarmad Amer | 28 Oct, 2019

Karachi is feeling the effects of Kyarr already

A Tropical Cyclone Kyarr has started developing in the Arabian Sea since Friday. While most of the strength of Kyarr is focused around the Indian coast, Karachi is definitely one of the bigger cities that will be affected by the system.


Karachi is already feeling Kyarr effects as water levels have started rapidly increasing in Golf Clubs and other neighborhoods near the coast

It is said that Kyarr is the first Tropical Cyclone level storm in the Arabian Sea since 2007. It is rapidly increasing in intensity and could be wreaking havoc in the form of intense rain and thunder.


People have started warning others not to go to the beach in this weather

The Met Office has also warned fishermen to come back and not risk their lives in this weather.


However, thankfully, Kyarr is not going to majorly affect Karachi or any coastal areas in Pakistan

According to the Met Office, “[c]urrently, none of the Pakistan coastal areas is under direct threat from this system.” At the same time, this cyclone is still bringing heavy rainfall to Karachi which is expected to last till Wednesday.

Source: newsonair.com

The trajectory of the cyclone is said to be heading toward Oman so there is no immediate threat of major affects of Kyarr being felt in Pakistan other than the heavy rainfall.


Sadly, we already know how Karachi will react to Kyarr because of a lack of proper planning or any good water drainage or flood management systems

The affects are already being seen as videos of rising water in DHA Golf Club and Hawke’s Bay beach started spreading on social media.

With the recent Monsoon rains and the havoc they created one hoped that the authorities would maybe make some plans, however that doesn’t seem to be the case because petty politics and personal vendettas rule the minds of our leaders.


Climate change is real and Karachi is going to see Kyarr remind everyone about that once again

It is high time that human beings collectively realize the intensity of the threat of climate change. Scientists have, time and again, been signaling how rapid and sudden the affects of climate change will be especially in South Asia where at least one third of the world’s population lives. According to some predictions, it is also said that in the coming years climate change will render this region inhabitable causing even more widespread damage and misery.

Wake up before it’s too late.


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Cover image via:  @Glowpoint via Twitter /thenews.com.pk

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