Here's How Shockingly Flooded Karachi Has Become After The Heavy Rainfall

By Sajeer Shaikh | 31 Aug, 2017

Whenever it rains in Karachi, it’s considered to be a blessing. Despite the fact that the electricity is out for ages, it makes for some pretty great chai and samosa weather. However, heavy rainfall has never truly suited Karachi.

This time around, when it started raining, people were initially relieved. 

However, things soon turned pretty serious when Karachiites were given multiple flood warnings. Therefore, everyone in the city braced for the impact the heavy rainfall would have. It started off pretty normally…

…but things have taken an ugly turn

Via Halaat Updates/Facebook

Karachi has been left submerged under water after all the heavy rainfall

Via Halaat Updates/Facebook

Vehicles have broken down

Via Halaat Updates/Facebook

Roads have been left flooded

8:30am , 31 Aug 2017 KDA chorangi north nazimabad..

Posted by Wasif Hussain on Mittwoch, 30. August 2017

And the people of Karachi have been sharing videos and pictures to warn fellow civilians about which routes to avoid

It’s all sorts of terrifying

And it’s clear that the heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding will leave Karachi damaged in many ways

People have been left stranded

Some people have been joking about swimming to work.

Others have been sharing videos of how the streets of Karachi resemble rivers

Basically, it’s pretty bad

And everyone’s hoping it doesn’t get worse

Because Karachi probably won’t be able to handle it

Things don’t look too great

And people are really worried

What’s worse is that casualties are also being reported.

Here’s hoping everyone who’s out right now makes it back home safely.

What do you think about Karachi’s halaat? Let us know in the comments.


Cover image via Halaat Updates/Facebook

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