14 Totally Fabulous Things Karachi Does Better Than Anyone Else

By MangoBaaz Studio | 22 Nov, 2017

Whether it’s food, the great mix of culture, people, history – Karachi has it all. The city is buzzing with the same energy at 2 am and 2 pm. You find the cool sea breeze kissing your face whenever you go out and there are street vendors for any kind of yummy food just waiting to be had. As the biggest metropolitan city in Pakistan, there are some things this city does better than anywhere else and well, it’s about time we appreciate it. For example, did you know the biggest Khaadi store even opened up in Karachi? Yep. There’s one.

Here are all the things Karachi handsssss down does better than anyone else:


1.  Khow Suey

Source: The Take It Easy Chef

Despite being the infamous Burmese dish, Khow Suey has nestled pretty well into Karachi and we’ve got to say, there’s no place in Pakistan that does it better than us. Whoop whoop. And also, yum.


2. The best shopping EVER.

Source: Khaadi

Karachi has a HUGE selection in clothing. And when we say huge, we mean in size and variety.


Take, Khaadi for example. They just opened a 30,000 square foot store in Lucky One Mall in the city and it is AMAZING.

Source: Khaadi

Go check it out. You. Yes, YOU. Do it.


3. Seafood

Source: DHA Today

All. That. FRESH. FISH! Yum. And, straight from the sea but also, from all the ports. Fish, prawn, calamari, sushi. You name it, we’ve got it.


4. The beach

Source: dpreview

What can beat the beach? Trick question – NOTHING.


And nobody does beach better than Karachi.

Seaview, Hawke’s Bay, Sandpit, Clifton – we’ve gotchu.

Source: Jovago


5. Speaking of the beach, haaaave you heard of the Turtle beach?

Source: Jovago

Located between Sandpit and Hawke’s Bay, this place is the breeding ground of rare turtle species. You can even go turtle watching. It’s oddly therapeutic and something you’ve probably never done before.



Via: Deenga

Heat in Pakistan isn’t always the most fun but escaping super icy winters and FOG, is a huge plus. You know it. Nothing can beat a cool summer sea breeze. ~


7.  Deep Sea Diving

Source: The Express Tribune

Yeah friend, you can totally make a trip out of this. 10/10, would recommend.


8.  Restaurants EVERYWHERE.

Source: BuzzPk

Speaking of food, the variety in food in Karachi is WILD. So many places in so little time? Wish there was a way we could try them all at once.


9. Karachi peeps basically invented Shaadi season

via Deenga

Karachi weddings are ones for the books. Everything from sundowners to mehndis to receptions – Karachiites sure do know how to throw a good party.


10. The Music scene is LIT

Source: Base Rock Cafe Via: Facebook

With some of the best places to showcase your live music and all the fusion that comes with it. Karachi truly has an amazing music scene.


11. Diversity

Source: Madiha Sarwar Via: Behance

Karachi boasts itself as a city full of people from different backgrounds, religions beliefs, ethnicities meshing together every single day. And that is hands down the most beautiful thing about the city.


12. Quaid-e- Azam, everything

Source: BBC.Co. UK

Museums honouring his life, his work and alas, his final death place – Karachi is the home of our patriotic soul.


13. Pakistan Museum of Natural History

Source: Commons.Wikipedia

This museum stands unparalleled in it’s own right when it comes to preserving the history and culture of Pakistan.


14. *cough* Biryani *cough*

Source: Food Fusion

All the spices and well, aaloo. Sindhi biryani is a winner any day, without drawing any comparisons.


At the end of the day, by celebrating Karachi, we are truly celebrating Pakistan. Because, it is the coming together of all the cultures from all over Pakistan that makes up our identity after all. Sending lots of love your way, guys. All the way from Karachi.

What’s your favorite thing about the city that never sleeps? Let us know in the comments section below.

Cover Image Via: samaa.tv

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