All The Intense Struggles You Only Know If You're A Kanjoos Makhi Choos Person

By Malaika Tahir | 26 Nov, 2016

Have your friends ever teased you for being a kanjoos makhi choos? Have you ever had an amount of cash more constant than the c in Einstein’s formula for relativity?

If your answer was a yes to both the questions above, you, my friend, are a big kanjoos, and here are a few things that go into your mind but you don’t let others know:


You’d prefer shifting to Mars rather than treating your friends



You don’t care what they say, you have become dheet to the countless taanay

You have grown a thick skin and literally no force in this world can make you take your money out.

bandwagon cricket fan sohai ali abro
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At the time of the bill, you often have a sudden urge to go to the washroom

Allah na karay bill dena par geya tu?

Source: Showcase Productions


You’re always richer than your friends because you don’t spend a single penny



You have the magical ability to turn off your ears when someone asks you for money

Yaar lagta hai kaan mein kuch challa gya hai, awaaz nahi arahi.

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You have defended yourself several times that you aren’t kanjoos, you’re just smart with money

Sach hamesha karwa hota hai. Your shirts have holes in it, my friend, and you just refuse to buy a new one.

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As a bonafide kanjoos makhi choos, you’re the first one to arrive whenever someone else is giving treat

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On rare occasions when you can’t escape and have to pay, you are unable to sleep for days afterwards

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In case you ever give someone udhaar, you never forget

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And you make sure you get it back… THE VERY NEXT DAY. Because you’re kanjoos makhi choos after all

Or as soon as possible, ab itna bhee nahi 😛

Source: Tumblr
Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions


But one day you’ll build an empire with all the money you’ve saved and then all these people who give you taanay will be supa’ jealous

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13 Things You Can Relate To If You’re Always Kangaal AF


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